Product design for a SaaS platform that makes videos searchable

Do you know how many videos are out there? Youtube has almost 5 billion videos, and it's only one platform. There is a gigantic mountain of video on the internet, but only 1% of it has been transcribed.

Because audio content isn't searchable we can’t fully explore the information that videos contain. If all videos were transcribed we could unlock lots of valuable content which is especially important for people with disabilities.


UI design
Front-end Development

Koemei is a startup from Switzerland that does just that – transcribes video and audio at scale. Manual transcription is expensive (as much as $5 per minute) which makes it unsuitable for large scale transcription needs of the media, government, or education. Koemei reduces the cost down to $0.09 a minute.

At the core of their solution is a cloud-based fully-automated speech decoding engine accessible through an API, which converts audio into text to allow content publishers to caption, index, and monetize their content.

When Koemei came to Eleken they needed to build a web app where companies could upload their videos and get them transcribed using Koemei’s speech recognition technology.

In other words, our task was to translate a complex solution for video transcription into an engaging and user-friendly interface.

The platform works in the following way: customers add videos from any source, transcribe them, and can search through video content the same way they would search through text. The platform processes the entire video library to provide results that match the user's search query.

The user interface of the Koemei platform needed to provide users with simple yet powerful tools. Despite the complexity of the speech recognition solution, our goal was to create a UI that is simple, clear, logical, and aesthetically pleasing.

We used common patterns to keep users focused so that they could intuitively understand what needs to be done. Smooth flow, eye-catching calls-to-action, and familiar design patterns improve user interactions and help them speed up their work processes.

After many iterations and customer behavior modeling, we arrived at a well-structured and user-friendly interface that brings together human and technology.

Bringing together human and technology

Follow the status of every video in one place

It takes Koemei about an hour to automatically transcribe one hour of media. Because time is important, we made a page that displays a list of videos and their transcription status and lets the users download the transcript once it's done.

This feature saves time without cluttering the user interface.

Access from any device

Koemei users can get time-stamped transcripts with keywords and summary on any device. We used responsive web design principles to make the Koemei's site responsive for mobile and tablet users.

Find the exact keyword match within the audio content

We created a Player scrollbar to let users quickly find where on the video a particular search word or phrase is used.

This feature saves time without cluttering the user interface.

Add media from anywhere

Users can import video and audio of any format from multiple sources. We made the process of adding videos as easy as inserting a link.

How we designed the platform

We didn't build the entire platform in one day. We went through several design iterations, improving each wireframe and mockup until we reached the final version.

Analyze video searches and results

Because the platform is going to be used by organizations who want to monetize their content, getting in-depth analytics of the content performance is one of the most important Koemei's features.

We designed a clean and simple user interface that shows two crucial metrics: the number of total searches through video content and the number of searches with results.

Search through the entire video library

The platform offers users a possibility to search through the entire library of video content, and not only one video. We made it work the same way the search works on Google. All a user needs to do is type in a search term into the search field and get videos with this keyword on the results page.

Evgeny Bogdanov

We were very happy with the results, as well as the team’s flexibility and availability. The improved UX design was high quality. The team was always available and accommodating.

Our client loved what we did