Redesign and dashboard design for an automated SaaS building platform

Nowadays digital solutions for various causes appear every day and the digital market is moving at a rocket speed. Not every small business can keep up and that’s where PicaSaaS from Fruitful Source comes to save the day.

PicaSaaS offers ready-to-use modules of code their clients can choose via the platform and add in minutes to their own website or application. Simply put, the solution automizes product development.

Read on to learn how we redesigned the existing functionality of the platform and designed the dashboard that became a data center of the product.

How it all started

Fruitful Source turned to Eleken to help them redesign their PicaSaaS platform. The client had cloud-based software but didn't have a lot of design direction. Their existing web application was bare-bones and needed better UX.

Some functionality already existed, so our designers started with the UX audit. The findings led our designers to several significant improvement ideas of how to make the platform easier for PicaSaaS clients and their end-users.

We highlighted positive moments, as well as potential bumps on the UX journey, and presented them to the client. 

We backed up our findings with solid arguments based on the latest design practices. The founders of Fruitful Source loved the professional approach and strong design decisions. 
So we started the redesign process right away.

UX research and analyses

From the start, we have built a well-organized, thoughtful, and collaborative UX process.  During the research phase, Eleken designers and our client focused on the problem, outlined the core value propositions, and understand the market landscape both in terms of competition and trends. 

Based on SWOT analyses of competitors and user research, we created an intuitive user journey map to guide the information architecture. Healthy debates and feedback sessions with the Fruitful Source team helped us improve the UX flow of the product.

Designing the user onboarding

When a client first interacts with the PicaSaaS platform they go through a simple registration process and create their personal account. To make the onboarding process faster and more convenient for users, we added an option to sign-up with Google, Linkedin, Apple, or even Facebook account, according to users’ preferences.

The next step is to set up the client’s SaaS space – it’s the place where the business owner (and their colleagues) will be adding new elements to their solution. We designed this process to be extremely simple. Users just enter their company’s name, add a company logo or drag and drop it, and choose a color for a company’s profile.

And there you have it, the profile is set up, and the user can start configuring their solutions. On a PicaSaaS platform, you can configure basically anything except the core functionality of your end product. And naturally, it starts with user onboarding, only for clients’ customers now. 

Business owners can choose what authentication settings they want for their website or product, for example, sign-in options. In the picture below you can see how the configuration process looks and the result end-users see. 

Clicking the blue button at the bottom finishes the setup process and redirects users to the dashboard that we designed from scratch.

Designing the PicaSaaS dashboard

PicaSaaS dashboard serves as a convenient brain center of the product. Thanks to it, users can see insights and metrics about their customers, find details about their Fruitful Source subscription, and so on.

We designed the dashboard in a minimalistic manner. All stats are shown on a simple graph, while the whole page is well-structured to bring the user’s attention to important elements.

The platform menu redesign

PicaSaaS is a true gem thanks to its ready-made blocks for app creation and a variety of settings for different types of businesses. Users that want to configure their product with Fruitful Source can go through the settings, choosing elements one by one. So a logical and neat menu was a must-have for such a solution.

We completely redesigned a menu for the PicaSaaS platform. The dashboard, account settings, SaaS settings, and extra settings are logically separated into sections of the sidebar.

Under SaaS settings, users can easily find the configuration options for their products. Here clients can:

Get a general setup
See the payment plans
Find access control settings
Choose the style they want for their end-product
Add code snippets

And so on. Each setting set from the menu opens on a separate screen that contains more options. Users also get a preview of their configurations right there.

Finally, we designed the UI of the platform

To make sure the product not only functions great but also looks stunning, we put our hearts and minds into user interface design. Down below you can see our creative process:

We experimented a lot with colors and fonts, making sure that users will be delighted with the UI, while not getting distracted. 

Lots of white space helps users focus on their goals within a product, while the purple and blue palette of the highlights distinguishes the buttons and creates a pleasant work vibe. Design elements create harmony on every screen, balancing between the platform complexity and the UX intuitiveness. 

For such a laconic yet informative interface, we chose Inter typeface. This modern sophisticated Sans Serif typeface was designed for user interfaces with a focus on high legibility. The font looks natural on computer screens and is a great choice for user interfaces of digital products. We complemented the stylish Inter typeface with a simple, but still professional-looking icon library.

The final result was worth the creative effort.

icon quote

Talented team that works closely with clients to produce


work. We appreciated their responsiveness. They went the extra mile to make sure the client was


with both the process and product. Highly recommend Eleken to new product development teams across all stages from idea phase to established, growing enterprises.


Leonid Nikolaev, CTO /

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Fruitful cooperation with Fruitful Source

The work on the PicaSaaS platform was very fast and productive. Great communication on both sides and clear goals helped us achieve outstanding results in a limited timeframe. Fruitful Source team constantly shared valuable information with our designer. 

Insights from product owners and our own research armed us with a deep understanding of user needs and let us design a solution that helps people start and grow their businesses in no time without spending a fortune.

A beautiful high-fidelity prototype designed by Eleken was shared with the client's network, and they received positive feedback and gained valuable insights.  

If you need redesign services for your product, feel free to contact us – we’re always ready to help.

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