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NWORX3 design has been a success story. We have seen a significant


in the 'UX friction' feedback from end users. There has been a


improvement in the positive anecdotes on the App UI.


Hariraj Vijayakumar, CEO /

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How we've
our clients succeed

We design successful SaaS-based products by combining user needs with business goals. Check out our clients' success stories below.

UI/UX redesign / UK / Education

Floret achieved $2.3 million investment round with MVP

Floret team had an idea of a platform for foodtech companies to store all the transaction records in one place. They needed a UI/UX designer who could quickly create an MVP. After 2-months collaboration with Eleken, the company raised $2.3 million in funding for further development.

UI/UX Services / USA / Data analytics

Reform is the world’s first data
intelligence-as-a-service offering

With a vision to democratize access to data for everyone, Precog, a team of developers and mathematicians, started looking for tech-savvy UI/UX designers to help shape a usable product for their one-of-a-kind universal data connector and cloud ETL/ELT solution for data engineering. The product we created contributed to the company attracting $2 million in funding.

UI/UX redesign / India / CRM

Clientjoy (previously Gridle) redesigned its product and raised six-figure pre-series A round

At an inflection point in their journey, Clientjoy, a client lifecycle management platform for small agencies, turned to Eleken’s UI and UX services for UX audit. After analyzing visitor behavior and interviewing users, we discovered that the product required a complete UI/UX overhaul. We recreated the platform helping the team at Clientjoy get $800,000 in a pre-series A funding round.

VP Product/ Astraea/ Inc.Jamie Conklin

Astraea redesigned UI to gain more clients and interest from investors

Astraea was a geospatial SaaS startup that was working towards product market fit and needed to enhance the quality of the client's user interfaces. In Eleken, Astraea found UI and UX experts who knew how to build applications with geospatial data and could radically improve product design efficiency.

UI/UX Services / UK / CRM

TextMagic, a Nasdaq-listed SaaS company, expanded its product line

Founded in 2001, TextMagic is a text messaging service with over 25,000+ business customers worldwide. The company decided to expand its product line and launch new customer engagement software using the money raised through the IPO. They hired Eleken to design marketing campaigns, CRM, help desk, and other features within a single platform.

Our UI/UX Design Services and UX Consulting

At Eleken, we specialize in UI/UX design services and UX consulting for SaaS companies. Our business model is great for startups looking for a lasting partnership with expert designers. We give you the freedom, control, and flexibility you need for ongoing product improvements.

SaaS companies added Eleken's UI/UX designers to their product development teams

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I loved how experienced the team was and also how fast they worked. We had amazing


that we would go back and forth very smoothly and the talent in that agency is absolutely amazing wow! In my entire start-up process, I think I


working with them the most.


Mohamed Aly, CEO & Founder /

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Business strategy +
User needs

Here is what our business-driven + user-centered UX process looks like:

Business strategy

Business goals


Target market

Value proposition

SWOT analysis

Business model canvas


Competitive analysis

User interviews

Journey mapping

Visual research


UX strategy

Information architecture

User flows

Visual direction



Clickable prototypes

Visual design

Design system


A/B testing

Metrics analysis

UX audit

Usability testing

User surveys


Increased revenue

Reduced churn

Improved metrics

Faster time to market

Work with a
team, motivated to do a great job

Don't take our words for granted. Check out what our clients say.

The designer was truly talented…

The designer that Eleken assigned to us was truly talented. She was young but not green — she had a firm grasp of the designs that we wanted. In fact, she was dedicated to scouring the samples we sent to make sure that we were satisfied with her outputs.

The approach was very unique...

The approach to assign one main designer to our project, that worked full-time on it was very unique, but it allowed them to build a very detailed understanding of our - sometimes a bit complex - product.

The value proposition is very high with Eleken.…

The value proposition is very high with Eleken — their rates are fair and their team is excellent. The workflow with the team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.

The most impressive aspect of this company is the collaboration...

So many consulting companies claim they provide fantastic customer support but often find out after the contract is signed that this isn't the case. This is not the situation with Eleken.

FAQ on UI/UX consulting and design

Do you only do UX design or development too?

Eleken designers just do user experience design and only for SaaS companies. We believe in the power of specialization. Just as you wouldn't expect a general practitioner to perform heart surgery, we don't try to be a jack-of-all-trades agency. Instead, we channel all our energy and expertise into being the best at what we do: UX design for SaaS.

Can you do a landing page design?

We specialize in UI and UX services, so we can do UX consulting, product design and a UI kit plus a landing page that goes with it to complete user experience. We just don't do marketing websites on their own.

How long does it take to start?

We know that every day counts for SaaS startups. That's why we've optimized our processes to minimize ramp-up time and ensure a smooth, efficient start to your project. We always have some Eleken designers on bench for clients who need to start immediately. So, if you give us a call today, we can hit the ground running by tomorrow.

Let's design something special

If it feels like our UI/UX design company is a good match, but you still have questions about our work process, we can give you a free 3-day trial working with one of our designers.

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