How our IDCore’s redesign helped to simplify real estate paperwork

According to government regulations, independent vendors (for example, a repair or plumbing firm) must fill out specific forms to be able to work in real estate. These forms include W-9 (tax info), insurance info, background check for criminal records, and so on. Vendors need to fill out this info to be able to work, and managers need this info to know who they can hire. Simply put, there are many forms to fill and store.

That’s where IDCore steps in to help. It is a software platform in the REX ecosystem that partners with property managers to store their compliance requirements and with contractors to provide the source for their compliance data.

Initially,  REX provided a designer for working on IDCore. But later, they were moved to focus on other projects. So over time, IDCore needed to refine the design.

The initial design was too complex, and the UX was not intuitive enough. It simply didn't solve the key pain point, namely making bureaucracy easier for its users. As REX has been successfully working with Eleken for a long time, they recommended IDCore to reach out to us for help.

The problem with the initial design was that users had to fill out a lot of forms manually

The IDCore app has two access levels:

Vendors (for instance, plumbing, repairs, maintenance, and other services). The app checks their licenses, insurance, and W-9 (IRS-mandated tax info form) and runs a background check.

The IDCore app has two access levels:

Real estate managers. They have access to the lists of contractors, but initially, these lists were hard to navigate: no proper filters, unclear labels, and hard to get the status of contractors at first glance.

So, Eleken got down to work to make jobs easier for both vendors and real estate managers.

For vendors, Eleken simplified the addition of information

We started by adding the option of uploading a photo or a document scan instead of filling out the forms manually.

We also made it easy to switch between an app's mobile and desktop versions without losing on the progress if a document user needs is stored on one's computer when the work was started on mobile and vice versa. Users get a link on their mail they can use to continue uploading where they left off.

Second, we simplified filling out the forms manually if uploading a document is impossible.

Instead of fitting the whole form on one screen, which made it look quite intimidating, our designers broke down the process into easily digestible steps.

Now, any given screen has a maximum of three fields. The progress bar above shows how much the user has to fill out. Psychologically, it's far less daunting to break down a large task into smaller steps, and the user doesn't feel overwhelmed by long and seemingly complex forms.

For managers, Eleken redesigned the vendors' list

Contractors can use IDCore to store all compliance information in one place. Managers, in turn, can use the app to navigate through the lists of compliant vendors to hire and invite new ones to add their info.

The initial vendors' list design lacked visual cues, which are crucial for the ease of navigation.

Our designers used intuitive color-coding to make it easier to understand at first glance what vendors are compliant and what exact information they already have in the system. We also added the search function to the already existing filter, streamlining the user experience. Now, it is extremely easy for the managers to filter, search and pick the compliant vendors.

After our work was done, navigating the bureaucratic requirements became 25% faster for IDCore users

Our redesign process was focused primarily on the mobile version to allow users to work on the go. Ensuring the ease of switching between mobile and desktop was another issue we tackled successfully.

Vendors can now seamlessly verify themselves without spending hours filling out the data forms. On their website, IDCore states that the design is explicitly what makes filling out forms with IDCore 25% faster than on other platforms. And, in their turn, managers can find compliant vendors within a couple of clicks.

IDCore was very satisfied with their collaboration with Eleken. A pragmatic approach to design allowed us to help IDCore streamline user experience and make even the most complex things look easy.

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