UX Audit Service for SaaS Companies

We’ll find the gaps in your product’s user experience and create an actionable plan for fixing those gaps to improve your business performance.

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Ever noticed those signs that point to poor user experience?

Your app becomes too complex

New features, updates, and optimizations turned your once minimalistic appinto a mess.

Your users are utterly confused

Customer support has noticed that users struggle to find what they need and do what they want.

Your business results could be better

You run a lengthy, costly customer acquisition process, but your conversions aren't growing much.

Bad UX means you are losing money right now


of the customers would leave a brand they loved after just one bad experience.

1 out of 26

customers complain when unsatisfied, the rest churn quietly.


of customers will tell 15 or more people about their bad experiences.

Eleken can help you find what parts of your app cause users’ headaches

Our app UX audit process takes five steps to define how users interact with your product, what works and what doesn't, and how to make things better.


First of all, we’ll explore your app, build user flow maps and discuss the functionality with your Product team to understand how the app works from the ground up.

“They are not waiting to be told how to design something, they perform their own research of the topic and dive into the matter completely which results into great outcomes.”


Next, we’ll run in-depth interviews with your customers, your Product and Support teams to create a list of issues that customers face when using your app.

“We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to work independently when necessary. They also understand the requirements and did their own research as well as look at ours.”


We will tie discovered product issues to specific user flows and generate ideas of how to address those issues.

“Design has therefore been a thought partner for us as we attempt to answer key strategic questions about how the product should look.”


Finally, we’ll run a workshop with your Product team to map out possible solutions using the Impact/Effort prioritization matrix.

“It was generally a very good workflow, where we discussed work to be done,what limitations there were, and how to prioritize different pieces of work.”

UX audit report

According to the selected priorities, we’ll create a website UX audit report and a redesign roadmap for future UI/UX initiatives.

“The team is really great at what they do. They give rapid and quality results. We really enjoyed working with Eleken.”

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