Team Extension

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Grow your product with the right design team

Looking to design new features? OR need a new version of your product? If you need a design team to help you grow your product, you've found one.

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New features don't make products successful.
The right team does

More features don't equal better products. Behind every great product is a great team. Here is what makes Eleken one of such:


Every designer at Eleken is
a product designer with expertise in creating SaaS applications. We understand your product design challenges and know with what approaches to solve them.


Synergy goes beyond teamwork. Team synergy results in more effective work, and better results. We build a synergy between our team and yours to reach our common goal – design a great product.

Knowledge sharing

As a design studio, we work with different clients helping them design products for different industries. Sharing knowledge within our team stimulates creativity and helps us solve problems faster.

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Our story

"They are not waiting to be told how to design something, they perform their own research of the topic and dive into the matter completely which results in great outcomes."

Irene Avdus
Product Manager at TextMagic

Product extension is the evolution of what your user needs

When we design new functionality, we are restricted by your existing product with its business logic, design systems, and UI patterns. We make sure that what you plan to ship evolves your product, instead of designing something that has nothing to do with your original app.

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Here is what we need to design


Great design

Here is how we need to design it