SaaS Product Redesign

Does your product need a refresh? Redesign it with Eleken

Eleken can help you design the smallest thing that you can build and that someone would pay for, or even just use.

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Product redesign brings positive changes

Whatever the reason for your SaaS website redesign, we make sure it positively impacts your bottom line.

Make your product look modern

Want to update a mature product? We'll help you stay with the times. The redesign makes an app more appealing to new users without alienating existing customers.

Improve the user experience

UX audit is a great way to reveal user experience problems. We'll identify usability issues and help you fix them so that you could provide a superior product to your users.

Increase positive feedback

User feedback can make or break a product. With a simple and intuitive SaaS web redesign you can reposition your product in the minds of customers and get more 5-star reviews.

Justify a higher price tag

Looking to increase revenue? There is a tried and true method – product redesign. Revamped products make an impression of "new and improved" justifying a higher price tag.

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Our redesign services

"They were able to really listen to us and learn about our business"

Pieter Kinds
CEO of TendrX

Add more value to your product

The main goal of our product redesign process is to build more value into your product so it does a better job at serving its users.

UX Audit

Does your product allow users to achieve their goals easily?

Our UX audit reveals what your users are struggling with. We define how they interact with your product, what works and what doesn't, and how to make it better. Our solutions are based on Jakob Nielsen's 10 usability heuristics and our years of experience designing simple products that users love.

Competitive analysis

How do we learn from others’ mistakes?

Unless you’re operating in the blue ocean, your product has some alternatives. We analyze the landscape of existing design solutions to figure out what they are missing. What issues do users have with your competitor’s product? Is there anything people lack? Answering such questions, we get inspiring redesign ideas.

UX Redesign

How do we make users achieve their goals in an easier, faster, and better way?

To redesign your app, we look at other similar products and patterns. This analysis helps us discover new design practices that could improve your app's UX. We aim for redesign so convenient, your users won't even notice it. And if they do, we expect them to think: "Nice! It’s like they were reading my mind.”

Visual language

How do we create a scalable product?

Once the UX redesign is done, we need to make sure your product can move forward with speed. Colors, typefaces, photos, and illustrations are all parts of your product and they need to tie together in a structured and unified way. We fix inconsistencies and build a unified visual language to help you create a scalable product.