MVP design for a mobile app that connects contractors and on-demand workers

It's such a blessing that nowadays you don't have to clean your whole apartment or repair a leaky sink by yourself. You can just call a firm that handles the needed issue, book a service, and wait until the worker comes and fixes everything for you.

However, those who are going to provide you with the service have much more work to do. The contractor needs to inform the worker about your request, explain the scope of work, and track the progress to make sure the client is fully satisfied. In their turn, the worker has to arrive on time, do their job properly, and keep track of other orders they’ve got throughout the day.

PrimePro team decided to help small service providers and on-demand workers by creating an app that would simplify all organizational matters, so that businesses can focus on executing quality jobs, hone their craft, and, obviously, earn some money. All in one app and without numerous calls, texts, and papers.

PrimePro’s mission is to make it easy for contractors and on-demand workers to receive orders from customers, track job progress, and communicate with the team. And we were hired to design an MVP for their mobile app.

A simple and intuitive interface as our top-priority task

The target audience of PrimePro is mostly non-tech-savvy people that don’t spend much time using mobile apps. That’s why we had to create an easy-to-understand interface that would prompt users on what actions they need to take to get their jobs done quickly.

To correctly combine simplicity and functionality, we had to think out the most intuitive user flow possible and map out the page layout with the help of wireframing. User flows and wireframes allow us to think about the product structure from the users’ perspective and ensure early in the design process that an experience we create won't cause confusion or impatience among users.

This way, to prevent people from hesitation when choosing where to click to complete a certain task, our designer reduced the amount of information and actions on each individual screen to its minimum when building the PrimePro structure. As for the user interface, we decided to make it lightweight with a lot of white space.

To support the idea of complete simplicity both in the app’s feel and look, we avoided adding any unnecessary details or decorations and used common UI elements for each screen together with the white-blue color scheme to stay consistent and predictable for the user.

How PrimePro works

PrimePro helps small service providers cut down on unnecessary processes and makes managing businesses easy and simple with the help of the following features in their app.

Create jobs and track their progress

Users can create jobs, where they indicate every detail of the tasks, and assign them to a teammate. To make it easier for the manager to fill in a big amount of information, we divided the process of creating a new job into just five steps that allow users to

Add customer information like name, phone number and job location address
Schedule start and due date/time
Choose the workers responsible for the job
Add notes (possible with media file, voice message) to describe the task

Users can update those details in one place, share information quickly, and conveniently organize them in one place.

Manage the jobs with a calendar

Once the job is assigned, the worker that is supposed to deal with that task receives a notification from PrimePro. In a “Calendar” section, they can track all the jobs they’ve got for a week, month, or so, and see if they have free time for new tasks. 

From there, users can quickly access the details of a specific job, update their progress status, and contact the client with one click. This way, contractors save time from coordinating tasks by staying updated with real-time tracking of job progress. This allows them to be aware of where their teammate is and how far they proceeded with the job.

Designing the Job page

The dilemma we had at this point was how to present the “Job” page, so that it was easy to read and convenient to quickly view 
the task details.

We came up with two variants: to put job details into separate tabs or to place the whole info on one page that the user would have 
to scroll.

As it was an MVP design, together with the client we decided to try out one long page variant, as not all people might find it easy to work with tabs. Who knows, maybe after getting feedback from real users, the PrimePro team will decide to opt for another solution.

As it was an MVP design, together with the client we decided to try out one long page variant, as not all people might find it easy to work with tabs. Who knows, maybe after getting feedback from real users, the PrimePro team will decide to opt for another solution.

Chat with teammates

Users can communicate with their teammates in direct messages or create group chats to effectively collaborate on joint tasks and track each other’s progress.

How we handled the time zone mismatch

Despite the 8-hour time difference between us and the PrimePro team, we found a time overlap suitable for both sides and maintained fruitful communication, as we at Eleken are available to work from 8 am to 8 pm EEST. 

Now PrimePro is ready to serve its users

In four months, we managed to design a simple and intuitive mobile application and PrimePro is already helping its users to quickly and efficiently perform their job, stay informed, and save time by reducing the need for extra calls and texts. 

The PrimePro team continues developing their app, turning it from an MVP to a fully-fledged product, and plans to launch an Invoice feature soon.

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