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Boost user adoption and keep customers coming back by bringing on board our expert product designers available on a subscription basis. We're excited about making finance easier to understand. Let's work together to craft an awesome user experience for your fintech app.

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Eleken made a concerted effort to understand our
business requirements and the ins and outs of our
product. The
designer was great
to work with! She
was thorough and disciplined in her approach to
applying best practices and design principles.

Founder & CEO / Financial Services Startup

how fintech startups benefit
from hiring Eleken
to shape

Explore our case studies below.

Cylynx designed an MVP of its no-code graph visualization platform for fraud detection

Cylynx fights financial fraud in the finance industry using graph AI-based transaction risk monitoring. They approached Eleken to upgrade their demo into a full-fledged MVP, making their app accessible to individual users and corporations alike. Here is what we did:

  • Updated and improved the graph editor’s interface
  • Implemented product design focused on saving time for users
  • Added onboarding hints to improve product adoption

Prift hired Eleken to design a personal financial assistant that helps people reach their financial goals

Prift had an idea and initial concept for a personal financial assistant that gives tailored tips and hints to help people reach their financial goals faster. They needed professional UI/UX design help and contacted us. Here is what we did:

  • Provided competitive analysis and benchmark research
  • Used MoSCoW framework to prioritize features
  • Conducted A/B testing of wireframes with users
  • Created a landing page in addition to designing the product

Balancing effortless
usability, compliance,

Working on a fintech product that has to meet compliance standards, or deal with the complexities of tax audits might not be the most thrilling project for UI/UX designers. But we're excited about the challenge and skilled at balancing these strict standards while still providing a great user experience.

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How we design finance
that don't suck

Complicated logic, a ton of bureaucracy, and super technical processes usually don't lead to a fun user experience. But here's how we create an exciting and safe user journey for fintech apps in banking, insurance, lending, payments, and more.

in the future

Fintech is booming and everything's evolving. When we create fintech interfaces, we make sure there's plenty of room for future changes, so you can easily tweak the design when you need to.


This is where users often drop off, especially in fintech apps. We divide the registration process into bite-sized steps, allowing users to concentrate on one task at a time to get on board fast and effectively.


Yep, roadblocks. If a fintech app is overly simple, folks might mishandle their money. Introducing a slight challenge in a user flow helps avert major mistakes and boosts user trust and confidence in your application.

human language

To prevent overwhelming your users with finance jargon and enhance accessibility, we use visual explanations, give real-life examples, steer clear of acronyms, and employ tooltips when needed.

data visualizations
we've designed

Data visualization is a must-have feature in financial applications. By showing complex data in a simple and attractive visual way, we help users understand their financial activities at a glance. Here are some examples of our solutions:

  • Net wealth overview
  • Debt and loan management
  • Personal savings dashboard

about working
with us

“The approach to assign one main designer to our project, that worked full-time on it, was very unique, but it allowed them to build a very detailed understanding of our - sometimes a bit complex - product.”

"Eleken is very fast and efficient. Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting."

“The workflow with the Eleken team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.”

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