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Pragmatic UI/UX Design Agency for SaaS

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A monthly subscription service that brings the expertise of in-house product designers to your SaaS company.

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They are not waiting to be told how to design something, they perform their own research of the topic and dive into the matter completely which results in great outcomes.

Irene Avdus, Product Manager at TextMagic

SaaS companies added Eleken's UI/UX designers to their product development teams

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Want to turn “developer designs” into a great user experience?

Design can make or break your startup.

Let our professional design team quickly convert your vision into a working prototype that you can test with users and show to investors.

Prift brought its initial concept into life

“We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to work independently when necessary. They also understand the requirements and did their own research.”

Olly Dix, CEO, Prift

Customers find your SaaS product hard to use?

Bad UX means you are losing money right now.

Hire Eleken designers to refine user engagement, increase positive feedback, and improve your bottom line.

SEOcrawl improved customer acquisition through a redesign

“We have seen a huge growth in users (from 0 to 2k) and new paid customers thanks to the new design.

David Kaufmann, CEO, SEOcrawl

Design became your scaling bottleneck?

When your team is overloaded, it can get in the way of progress.

Get senior design talent to build new features, master consistency in a complex product, or streamline a design system.

TextMagic, a Nasdaq-listed SaaS company, expanded its product line

“Internal stakeholders are pleased with Eleken's work. Customers can expect a knowledgable, creative partner that's eager to tackle complex challenges.”

Edward Tark, PM at TextMagic

We get hired to design, fix or scale SaaS products

Whether you're looking to secure funding for your new product, redesign your SaaS to increase profitability, or get a remote design team for faster growth, Eleken UX design agency is the right choice for continuous product development.

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We create business value with design

Eleken helped us go from concept to

The design has therefore been a thought partner for us as we attempt to answer key strategic questions about how the product should look.

Tanay Kothari, CEO, Software Company

The workflow was very direct
and effective.

They were able to really listen to us and learn about our business, being open to the changes that we brought. Next to the fact that design skills are top-notch.

Pieter Kinds, CEO, Freight Sourcing Company

The approach to assign one main designer to our project, that worked full-time on it was very unique.

It allowed them to build a very detailed understanding of our - sometimes a bit complex - product. Essentially having a competent full-time designer on your team was very valuable to us.

Moritz Uehling, CTO, Datawisp

The most impressive aspect of this company is the collaboration between the UX engineer and our team.

So many consulting companies claim they provide fantastic customer support but often find out after the contract is signed that this isn't the case. This is not the situation with Eleken. Their engineer and project manager have been easy to get a hold of and have been in constant contact with our team throughout the project.

Quentin Rhoads-Herrera, CEO, Vector0, Inc.

When we’re the best fit

If you find yourself in one of the situations described below, our service is exactly what you need.

/ 01

The right designers
are hard to find

You don't have the right design talent with expertise in creating SaaS, and it's not easy to find candidates with relevant skill sets and the right attitude.


We have 80 UI/UX designers with SaaS design expertise on the team, so we can jump into the project whenever you need us. Plus, we provide a 3-day FREE trial to let you see us in action before signing the contract.

/ 02

Deadlines  are burning

You've underestimated the amount of work that goes into your project, and now you're behind schedule. You want to find designers who can help you out, but posting a job and interviewing candidates is taking up too much of your time.


We can provide as many designers as you need to complete your project and not add a single employee to your payroll. We'll work with you throughout the process until you are satisfied with the final product, on schedule.

/ 03

There's too much on your plate

You've built your SaaS business up quite a bit over the last few years, and you've got more than enough customers to keep your team busy. Now you're ready to develop a new product. But how will you keep your current customers happy?


Eleken UX design company can provide a remote team to help you implement new features, support the design system you've started to create, or redesign your products while you focus on other priorities.

Start with a FREE
3-day trial

Eleken UX design company can provide a remote team to help you implement new features, support the design system you've started to create, or redesign your products while you focus on other priorities.

Need time
to think it over?

Learn more about our UI/UX design process to get a better idea of how we work and lay down your expectations for future projects.

Frequently asked questions

Why are UI/UX Design Services Important for SaaS?

At Eleken, we believe that there are many great products out there, and with the help of high-quality UI/UX design services, SaaS businesses can become closer to their users, clearly transmit their value, and open their full potential to make people’s lives better.

How much do your UI/UX designers charge?

Eleken works on a monthly retainer pricing model, which means you pay a fee for a set amount of time. In other words, you buy a subscription and receive designer(s) working on your project full-time. You only pay for the actual design with no setup, management, or overhead fees.

Can I outsource UI and UX services?

Certainly, you can. Hiring outsource specialists (in our case UI/UX designers) helps businesses cut costs, save time, reduce risks, and increase productivity. At Eleken, you can hire remote product designer(s) with experience in providing UX and UI design services to SaaS products.