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From geospatial data products, GIS, to AI satellite solutions, we've partnered with companies in utilities, roads, smart cities, and more. Let us restore your hope in finding expert UI/UX designers, and fast-track your development with our rich expertise.

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It is unusual to find a designer who has experience building applications with geospatial data - especially imagery data. We found that in



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Discover how SaaS companies have benefited from hiring Eleken to shape their AI-based products

Explore our case studies below.

A redesign enhanced the user interface and cut down development costs for an AI-powered agriculture solution

By using open-source satellite and drone data, Gamaya develops technology that helps farmers improve their operations and boost their crop yields. They hired Eleken to redesign their platform.

Here is what we did to help Gamaya:

  • Overhauled the UI/UX of the data analytics platform
  • Made the product more user-friendly
  • Changed the UI using ready-made components that led to minimum work on the developer's side.
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Astraea added Eleken designers to enhance its geospatial SaaS, drawing in new customers and investors

Astraea, an early-stage startup developing an AI platform for satellite imagery, needed seasoned UI/UX designers for their data-heavy app.

Here is what we did to help Astraea:

  • Simplified the user interface to make it more usable
  • Designed new functionality from scratch
  • Adapted designs for clients from various industries
  • Increased business traction and investor attention
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An outdated drone management platform turned into an intuitive and modern solution

INVOLI provides hardware and software tools for air traffic detection and visualization, drone remote identification, and live drone tracking. Their SaaS platform's design was outdated and confusing, so they wanted a full redesign and hired Eleken designers to carry it out.

Here is what we did to help INVOLI:

  • Identified flaws in the user experience via a thorough product analysis
  • Redesigned the platform
  • Created a UI kit to speed up design and development.
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A geographic information system (GIS) attracted a new type of user with a redesign

Advan Research analyzes complex geospatial data for location-based insights. Their product, ReVeal, serves the real estate sector. We aimed to redesign this product to help it enter new markets.

So here's what we did:

  • Detected over 30 design issues that could be resolved to improve the user experience
  • Restructured the app to appeal to the people experienced in working with foot tracking reports, and those new to foot tracking
  • Changed the visual style to make it both minimal and distinct from competitors.
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Make your product elegant and intuitive so it delivers just the right data and context for your users

To assist geospatial data companies in designing interfaces that enable mapping, analysis, visualization, and decision-making, we follow the following principles:

Clear value

The amount of data in every app is huge. Our job is to find a way to design an interface in a way that offers clear value and usefulness for users within their specific context of usage.


The quality of data depends on the quality of its metadata. We carefully craft micro-interactions and other design elements to enhance data-driven decision-making for your customers.


Setting up a visual hierarchy, highlighting key elements, adding filter options, and making both intended and unintended uses of the data obvious are some strategies we use to achieve simple UX.


The more data you process, the more data you will end up having. Our role as product designers is to create flexible interfaces that can handle expanding data while maintaining a great user experience.


Just like any SaaS product, data products need to hook users and keep them coming back for more. We know the tricks of the trade to create addictive experiences that drive growth, engagement, and monetization.

Examples of data visualizations we've done

At our core, we specialize in crafting visually compelling representations of geospatial data such as maps, graphs, statistics, and cartograms.

These dynamic visualizations not only showcase historical changes but also highlight the current shifts in a captivating manner. Rather than getting lost in a sea of data, our visuals unveil valuable insights through easily recognizable patterns and images.

We handle diverse spatial data sets

Our experience includes working with diverse spatial data types, such as satellite imagery, vector, raster, terrain datasets, and more.

  • Maps and cartographic
  • Vector data
  • Terrain datasets
  • Raster or grid data
  • Imagery and remote sensing

What businesses say about working with us

"The designs met the requirements and expectations of the internal team. Eleken responds quickly to inquiries and is willing to adapt where necessary. The team is hard-working and collaborative, facilitating a smooth workflow."

"The UI prototypes by Eleken have been a significant help in gathering internal and external customer feedback. The team has stayed on track by effectively utilizing communication tools for daily interaction. They have also provided valuable suggestions for the company's further improvement.

“The workflow with the Eleken team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.”

“The most impressive aspect of this company is the collaboration between the UX engineer and our team. So many consulting companies claim they provide fantastic customer support but often find out after the contract is signed that this isn’t the case. This is not the situation with Eleken. Their engineer and project manager have been easy to get a hold of and have been in constant contact with our team throughout the project.”

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