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Here is our story 👇🏻


Tesla rolled out its semi-autonomous Autopilot system.
Apple launched Apple Watch.
Google morphed into Alphabet.

We founded Eleken.

Eleken was born in 2015 as
a full-service design driven app development agency. We worked with different companies around the globe helping them design and develop web apps, ecommerce websites and mobile applications. We loved our time there.


SaaS is taking over the cloud computing market.
5G is going to propel into the mass consumer use.
Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

Eleken was born again.

After a few years of running an app development company, we realized that we needed to focus. We had large expertise in SaaS, and because it's one of the fastest-growing markets, and we have unique skills to serve it, we decided to move in that direction.

Our business model shifted from a full-service app development agency to a design studio focused on SaaS.


Our designs are used in more than 20 applications out there. We have a long list of happy clients and an impressive portfolio. We do what we love most – design great products.

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What our clients say about our work

We've helped them design their SaaS applications

During our five-year journey, we’ve worked with many great companies around the globe including an innovative precision agriculture company, a data engineering startup and an established 20-year-old marketing service provider on the verge of expansion.

Great design is people who make it

We’re a close-knit crew, so when we find good people we tend to work with them for years.

We give our clients access to the best talent to design world-class digital products

Want to work with Eleken?
Here is what to look for.

We design experiences

Every designer says that. What we mean by that is this: when we design products, we aren't just looking to make them functional and convenient to use.

We want to make people who are using a product feel like the folks who designed it cared about them. We make things for people, and we care about crafting great experiences in every detail.

We have diverse skillsets

We're product designers. This job requires to not only have a good grasp on UX design principles and decent visual sense, but also the understanding of the product strategy, the customers’ needs, and business objectives. We work hand in hand with product managers and lead developers throughout the whole product design process.

We take the initiative

Being proactive results in delivering better products. When we're working on the product design, we're in the driving seat. We look for problems that need fixing and things that could be done easier and take the lead with our fresh ideas and their creative implementation. We love to experiment, and design on our own, both inside and outside of the office.

We're open to feedback

Designers at Eleken always have an opinion. We voice our thoughts about the pros and cons of the chosen direction and listen to other people's feedback and criticism. Receiving criticism will always have a greater impact than receiving praise. We help each other, look at each other’s work, get each other’s feedback and have thorough discussions.

We make design scalable

Products grow. New features will be added, new customer segments will be targeted, new marketing campaigns will be launched. As the product evolves, the initial design of the interface will need to adapt. We design a user interface in a way that it can be easily changed and extended. Scalable design is cost-effective in the long term.

Design is a process, not an event

Products are living beings that learn from and respond to user needs and technology shifts. That's why we don't just design a product once. Design is an iterative process and requires an iterative mindset to always look at what can be done differently and better. Our projects last for months, and even years so there is a long design process to enjoy.

We are product designers* We design real products for the real world.

* Who is a product designer?
Strategy, Research, Analytics, User testing + UI/UX Design = Product Designer

You can only inspire others if you are inspired by what you do

Our company culture is geared to creating a work environment that allows our employees to develop their ideas and fulfill their passion for creating great products

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about design?

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