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We help Saas startups cope with their design problems

Designing for quality with limited resources

To design the platform, we used a ready-made React UI library with a set of high-quality React components that developers could implement in record time. Evgeny Bogdanov, Head of Software at Gamaya, was impressed with Eleken’s ability to adapt their SaaS web design processes when necessary.

For Gamaya, we reduced the cost of software development

Gamaya, an agricultural startup, needed to build a data processing platform within a limited time and technical resources. We decided to give up custom elements in favor of rapid development.

SaaS startups are often restricted in time, money, and human resource. What they are not restricted in, is their ambition to create a top-notch product for their customers. What if there was a way to design a top-notch product quickly and effectively?

Keeping simplicity as complexity growth

With our help, you can design a marketing automation system to be ultimately simple to use. Here are some features we can add for you:

For TextMagic, we helped to maintain simplicity

TextMagic was a text messaging service with an ambition to become an all-in-one customer experience platform. We joined TextMagic's team to help them design products for their new Marketing Suite.

With every new feature, a product becomes more complex, so our key challenge was to keep the simplicity of the user experience. And we coped so well that TextMagic continued to work with Eleken designers even after the scale-up project was finished.

Finding ways to improve user satisfaction

Your app is up and running but you don’t feel like it gives people a delightful and meaningful experience. There must be some roadblocks in user journeys. How would you detect the spots that need improvement?

Eleken helped Gridle to find  and fix UX issues

Gridle needed to redesign their CRM system to make it more valuable from the user experience standpoint. To detect the areas for improvement, we threw ourselves into research. We explored usage patterns and conducted user interviews.
We discovered what users wanted most from the new version of Gridle, and implemented the changes. When Gridle's CTO showed the design to some of their users, they said that they couldn't wait to start using the new revamped version.

Design for SaaS means identifying problems all the time and executing the best solutions

To design for SaaS, we learned to think like SaaS

Eleken doesn’t work with e-commerce or game development companies. We don’t create logos or landing pages. We design SaaS apps exclusively, and over the years, we've developed a working model ideal for the job.

A typical outsourcing model proved to be unsuitable for SaaS

Big teams

UI/UX outsourcing companies provide big teams of specialists, that apart from designers include project managers, architects, and researchers.

One-size-fits-all processes

Typical outsourcing companies rarely adapt their processes to accommodate the unique needs of each individual project.

Lack of transparency

In typical web design agencies,  designers communicate with clients through project managers. Sometimes it works like Chinese whispers.

An outsourcing model might work well for big companies from established industries. But it doesn’t match with SaaS startups that need to move fast and solve unique challenges

Eleken’s working model is created to fit SaaS needs

We dive into your context

Our designer communicates directly with our client and their team. You can think of Eleken as your in-house team.

We adapt to your needs

Iterative workflow allows us to get regular feedback from our clients and users and responds quickly to changes.

We value your time

We get started with your task instantly and work in iterations, moving step by step. No universal algorithms.

Ready to design your app with Eleken?

If you feel like doing some great SaaS stuff with us but are still unsure if we’re a perfect match, we can give you a free three-day trial.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions that are not listed here, send them to us via email.

How long does it take to kick off a SaaS website design project?

We are glad you asked. Blazing-fast launch of projects is one of main Eleken’s competitive advantages. Once we gather requirements, your SaaS website design project starts immediately with a 3-day free trial.

What are the challenges in developing SaaS design?

If you compare SaaS digital products to an old-school on-premise model, you’ll notice some issues and some opportunities that software-as-a-service entails. For instance:
An opportunity to master unlimited product combinations;
A chance to do non-stop updates, that can be pretty tricky;
Subscription management;
Delete sentence;
In-product tracking and analytics that require some specific skills from a designer.

How much does it cost to create a SaaS website design?

In the case of Eleken, the better question is about your project duration. The thing is, we have a monthly retainer model, so you pay a fixed price for the designer’s time.

What makes you different from other SaaS web design services?

We don’t work with ecommerce or gamedev. We don’t create logos or banners. We offer SaaS web design services exclusively and work to become the best in this narrow niche. So we can’t help clients who come to us for all-in-one design solutions. But if you want us to redesign your SaaS app or create an MVP, you've come to the right place.