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We design apps for iOS and Android to highlight products' unique value without cluttering the interface.

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Our app has been


in prominent positions on the Apple Store. Eleken provided high-quality design work in a timely fashion througha collaborative process. Their team is


and professional, bringing our ideas to life.


Dave Goldblatt, CEO /

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Custom app design for mobile is no easy feat

How do you make your app a value add to your SaaS?

In the last year, almost 60% of all web traffic came through mobile.  When phone usage grows in leaps and bounds, a poor mobile experience can be a shotin the foot for your business.

How do you simplify your app's functionality to fit on a mobile screen?

Squeezing a web app into a mobile version is like trying to stuff your whole wardrobe into a single suitcase. You need to be strategic about what features you include and how you pack them.

How do you keep users happy regardless of the screen size?

Ensuring that your app is optimized for all of these different devices and screen sizes can be challenging. That requires an experienced designer who can make app layouts responsive and adaptive.

Turn design obstacles
into opportunities with the help of professionals

We're a subscription-based product design agency that is dedicated to creating smooth mobile experiences for feature-heavy SaaS apps. See our works below.

Design from scratch / USA / Productivity Tool

PrimePro: Designing a mobile productivity tool for contractors from scratch

PrimePro connects contractors and on-demand workers and approached us to design an MVP for their mobile app. In just four months, our team created a simple and intuitive mobile application that helps users perform their job with ease.


Prototyping / USA / Developer tools

JobCall: Going from a desktop-oriented to a mobile-centric product

JobCall is a property maintenance startup that most users access via their smartphones. But since the app was originally designed to be desktop-first, the mobile app UX left much to be desired. Eleken was hired to redesign the app for a superior UX.


Prototyping / USA / Developer tools

Highpoint: Creating a cross-platform user experience for a university management system

Highpoint efficiently optimizes the process of education for both students and universities. Eleken’s task was to ensure the design would work in all app versions: desktop, tablet, and mobile without cutting off the necessary information.


Work with a team that's driven to do top-notch work

The proof of quality is in our customers' feedback.


“Eleken is very fast and efficient.

Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting.”

“As a team, we're able to think more clearly about what the final output should be…

Design has therefore been a thought partner for us as we attempt to answer key strategic questions about how the product should look.”

“The workflow has been excellent.

Since hiring Eleken, we have also been able to shift our focus on areas outside of the UX since Eleken has gained our trust in their timelines and high-quality work.”

How we do it

We start with product discovery and research. Then we create an initial raw mockup and, based on your feedback, tweak and improve it until you get exactly the design you expected… or even better.

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“Eleken's collaboration has helped us to have a more


workflow. Overall, I'm highly confident that they would be able to help with additional features as well. This is the


of working with an agency that has previous experience from dozens of clients.”


Tanay Kothari, CEO /

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