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We have seen a huge growth in users
(from 0 to 2k)
and new paid customers
thanks to the new design.


David Kaufmann, CEO /

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Discover how martech startups
from hiring Eleken
to shape their products

Explore our case studies below.

SEOcrawl grows 2X after a complete UI/UX design overhaul

SEOcrawl is a set of SEO tools for automating keyword reports and Search Console rank tracking. After a year on the market, the startup felt like its current design hindered its growth potential because of its outdated look and feel. They partnered with Eleken to redesign and expand the platform.

Here is what we did:

  • Integrated user testing and feedback into every design iteration
  • Refined the whole platform, gave it a modern look and a logical structure
  • Added new features that fit seamlessly into the existing design

Cheerity revamped its social media marketing platform to attract small businesses

Cheerity is a platform for creating social media campaigns tailored to enterprise companies. To develop a small business version of their product, they needed to update their existing products and marketing website. So, they brought in Eleken to handle the job.

Here is what we did:

  • Designed a new campaign builder 
  • Redesigned the analytics tools to make them more user-friendly 
  • Upgraded the marketing website to increase SaaS subscriptions

Glow Labs designed a new SaaS product that offers NFT-based rewards to Web3 businesses

Glow Labs helps Web3 companies reward their customers by offering a no-code solution for embedding loyalty rewards into their business. As they decided to move to a SaaS model, they needed to design an actual product and asked Eleken for help.

Here is what we did:

  • Performed usability testing to inform our design decisions 
  • Built a UI Kit for creating designs that are responsive to different screen sizes
  • Created an MVP of the SaaS product with a funky look to appeal to a young audience

TextMagic designed a new CX platform to support its product expansion strategy

Founded in 2001, TextMagic was an all-in-one text messaging service. In 2019, the company decided to expand its product line and hired Eleken to design a platform that combines customer support, sales, and marketing functionality in one place.

Here is what we did:

  • Designed an intuitive platform with live chats, email and SMS campaigns, and an analytics dashboard
  • Used the existing design system to speed up the process and improve consistency
  • Followed a user-centered design process with prototyping and user testing 

marketing processes,
regardless of the

Whatever marketing use case you decide to address with your SaaS product, we most likely have already designed or redesigned something similar. Check out the types of marketing automation software we have experience with.

  • Lead management

    Customer data storage
    Lead scores
    Real-time alerts
    Dynamic lead nurturing
    Landing page builder
    Activity tracking
    ROI reporting
  • Social media marketing

    Content scheduling
    Collaboration tools
    Multi-account management
    Workflow management
    Drag-and-drop campaign canvas
    Hashtag tracking
  • Influencer marketing

    Influencer tracking & management
    Collaboration tools
    Campaign tracking
  • Email marketing

    Drag-and-drop customer journeys
    Pre-designed email templates
    Ready-made automation recipes
    Event tracking
    In-built CRM
    Email list segmentation
  • Content marketing

    Customizable content calendar
    Resource management
    SEO management
    Keyword research tool
    Competitive analysis
  • Marketing analytics

    Marketing metrics tracking
    Individual campaign performance reports
    Interactive dashboards
    Customizable report templates

user experience
to customer

Our design goal is to maximize your product's value, so your customers can enjoy the real benefits. This is how we help you develop powerful marketing automation tools.

Making things

Marketing is complex. Simplify and streamline marketing operations for your customers. You choose how to automate, and we'll help you make your workflows easy and intuitive.

the audience

By providing data on how people interact with marketing content, you help your customers understand their audience better. Our dashboards make these insights clear and easy to see.


With well-designed customizable reports, marketers can enhance their effectiveness. They can make smart choices about where to invest their marketing budget, which channels to leverage, and how to adjust their campaigns for the best outcome.


Personalized interfaces and beautiful products are our way of helping you establish trust and credibility with your audience, and provide a positive customer experience that fosters long-term loyalty.

Eleken UX design examples
across marketing platforms

Take a look at some of the examples that demonstrate our expertise in designing marketing automation functionality.

  • Social media campaign builder
  • Marketing performance dashboard
  • Analytics dashboard for an NFT-based loyalty platform
  • SEO growth reports
  • Customized live chats
  • SEO performance dashboard
  • Team task manager
  • Email campaign configuration

What businesses say about working with us

“The approach to assign one main designer to our project, that worked full-time on it, was very unique, but it allowed them to build a very detailed understanding of our - sometimes a bit complex - product.”

"Eleken is very fast and efficient. Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting."

“The workflow with the Eleken team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.”

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