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They are not waiting to be told how to design
something, they perform their own research of the
topic and dive into the matter completely which
results in
great outcomes.


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how companies benefit
from hiring Eleken to shape their
SaaS sales

Explore our case studies below.

Clientjoy reshaped its client management platform to make it more usable for small agencies

Clientjoy is a platform that assists small businesses and freelancers in handling everything from getting leads to sending invoices. It was first launched in 2013, and they brought in Eleken to give the platform a complete makeover.

Here is what we did for Clientjoy:

  • Conducted user interviews to prioritize user needs
  • Recreated the entire platform
  • Greatly improved user experience, as evidenced by customer feedback

Ricochet360 revamped the user interface to make the learning curve for sales managers more tolerable

After spending ten years in the market, Ricochet360, a full-fledged sales and marketing automation system, decided to update its user interface and expand its platform They wanted to solve the problem of clients taking nearly a month to set up and customize the application, so they got in touch with Eleken for help.

Here is what we did for Ricochet360:

  • Implemented small design tweaks that took minimal development effort, but produced a rapid positive result
  • Simplified the user flow to help users learn faster
  • Made the interface more intuitive to ease the workload of support managers

Favorably designed an MVP of a unique referral-based platform for enterprise sales teams

The idea behind Favorably was to create a system that would help enterprise sales teams generate leads thanks to customer referrals. They needed an expert design team to create this product from scratch.

Here is what we did for Favorably :

  • Designed the first prototypes and tested them with potential customers
  • Apart from UI/UX design, took an active part in creating the core functionality
  • Finished the project in less than three months

TextMagic designed a new CX platform to support its product expansion strategy

Founded in 2001, TextMagic was an all-in-one text messaging service. In 2019, the company decided to expand its product line and hired Eleken to design a platform that combines customer support, sales, and marketing functionality in one place.

Here is what we did for TextMagic:

  • Designed an intuitive platform with live chats, email and SMS campaigns, and an analytics dashboard
  • Used the existing design system to speed up the process and improve consistency
  • Followed a user-centered design approach with iterative prototyping and user testing

Design functionality that helps your users sell better

All SaaS sales tools aim to boost sales process efficiency. Our team's goal is to design a product that does exactly that – empowering your users to enhance their sales results while taking repetitive work off their plates.

  • Custom sales pipelines

  • Email campaign builder

  • Automated SMS campaigns

  • Proposal templates

  • Sales activity tracker

  • Customizable client portal

  • Automated reminders

  • Meeting scheduler

  • Reports and analytics


When you hire Eleken designers, you get product experts who use a pragmatic approach to design truly effective solutions for sales teams.

Specialized user research

Use targeted research to identify and address the challenges of your users, no matter if you want to revamp an old product or develop a new sales tool.

Pragmatic UX strategies

Find ways to resolve the complexities in the sales process and user flow while delivering a frictionless journey from initial engagement to final purchase.

Iterative prototypes

Use rapid prototyping to create, test with users, evaluate, and iteratively design user-friendly solutions for sales teams.

Scalable design systems

Meet release requirements on time and provide a consistent experience across all platforms and products.


We have experience creating sales tools that automate the complete sales journey, spanning from lead generation to invoice delivery. Here are some examples of our work:

  • Lead management dashboard
  • A relationship-based prospecting system
  • Individual account dashboard
  • Weekly meetings
  • Customized live chats
  • Sales team performance dashboard
  • Sales activity dashboard
  • Email campaign configuration
  • Client Invoicing

What businesses say about working with us

“The approach to assign one main designer to our project, that worked full-time on it, was very unique, but it allowed them to build a very detailed understanding of our - sometimes a bit complex - product.”

"Eleken is very fast and efficient. Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting."

“The workflow with the Eleken team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.”

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