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Let us help you design, fix or scale your SaaS product.

“Eleken is very fast and efficient. Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day.”

“Their ability to translate our existing product to a refined, user-friendly interface was very impressive.”

“Their speed, creativity, and high aesthetic standards set them apart.”

“The team is really great at what they do. They give rapid and quality results. We really enjoyed working with Eleken.”

“They create nice designs with amazing responsiveness and eagerness to improve.”

“We have radically improved the quality of our user interfaces, the consistency of our design, and the ability to sell our tools.”

“User feedback of our software has changed from "this looks complicated" to "this looks easy".”

“NWORX3 design has been a success story. We have deployed NWORX3 at multiple enterprises since the redesign.”

“We have presented the new UX design created by Eleken, and the overall feedback was terrific.”

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Frequently asked questions

Do you work with freelancers or have an in-house team?

We don't work with freelancers. All our designers are hired in‑house.

How do you hire designers?

We hire designers with web design experience, with a good knowledge of spoken English and a desire to learn. Once hired, new designers go through our training program which teaches them new skills and approaches in SaaS app design. They can start working on a project only after they complete our three-month training.

Where can I see your designer portfolio?

You can find our works on this website.

Can I cancel my project at any time?

Sure, but do let us know that you want to cancel your project a month before that.