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We can stop bad UX from costing you customers, so you can secure new business as well as interest from investors.

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We have


improved the quality of our user interfaces, the consistency of our design, and the ability to sell our tools. As a startup, we have been working towards product market fit. This involves demonstrations to potential users and investors.



to our UI have led to new business as well as interest from investors.


Jamie Conklin, VP Product /

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Give your users the experience they deserve

You need a team of experts on your side – which is why you should work with Eleken. We put a lot of effort into understanding your users' problems and finding the best possible solutions.

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User feedback of our software has changed from ‘this looks complicated’ to ‘this looks easy’, and our software progressed from a prototype, to actual, real, usable software.


Moritz Uehling, CTO /

We will handle the design, so you can focus on your business

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UX research

We start by talking to stakeholders and potential users, looking at similar products, and thinking about how we can do better.

UX strategy

We then summarize our assumptions and share them with the whole product team in the form of customer journeys and user flows.


We brainstorm possible solutions, draw quick sketches, and then build black-and-white wireframes.

Visual research

We do visual research and share our findings via a moodboard to make sure your product has a consistent look and feel.

Interface design

Our team adds colors, typography, and other visual elements to create high-fidelity mockups that resemble the final interface.


Time to turn mockups into a clickable prototype! The prototype will allow you to try out your design with real users.

User testing

We'll keep testing the prototype until we've gotten the feedback we need to make it great.

Design handoff

Once the design is complete, we'll pass it along to developers for implementation.

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Since hiring Eleken, we have been able to shift our focus on the development of DarkWave to other areas of high importance outside of the UX since Eleken has gained our trust in their timelines and


-quality work.


Quentin Rhoads-Herrera, CEO /

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We've designed web apps for different industries

We understand the SaaS space in-depth – and most likely have experience in your vertical.

“It is unusual to find a designer who has experience building applications with geospatial data - especially imagery data. We found that in Eleken.”

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We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to work


when necessary. They also understand the requirements and did their own research as well as look at ours.


Oliver Dix, Co-Founder

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Ready to revamp your SaaS? 

With our subscription-based service, you get autonomous full-time SaaS designers for a fixed monthly fee. We offer the first three days of work at no charge.

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