A redesign of the social campaign platform and amazing marketing website design


So when in spring 2021 the company turned to Eleken to redesign their product and create a new website, they could fully rely on us - as a design agency for SaaS businesses we have the relevant expertise and were glad to help embody their vision.

Cheerity is the world's first purpose-driven digital campaign platform that serves enterprise customers, whose social campaigns have reached more than 100 million people. They also offer a SaaS platform for smaller customers. 


Last year Cheerity started working on the small business version of their product, so they needed to update both their marketing website and internal products. They also had to implement subscription-based service best practices for their external website, so that customers could sign up for their new product directly on their website. To make all these things happen, the company needed a designer that could build the website under their supervision.

The Cheerity team was looking specifically for a design agency with experience in building SaaS products. They also wanted to avoid a turnover of designers during the cooperation. All these factors made Eleken a perfect choice for the client. Our dedicated designer was the main point of contact for the client’s team throughout the project. 


Communication is the key

Our designer worked closely with the client’s team who provided detailed requirements and references which made cooperation frictionless and very effective.

We have started with a call between Cheerity CEO, Eleken Head of Design and Eleken product designer assigned to the project. After the trial week the client was happy with the designer’s work and the project started. In terms  of communication, Eleken is always very flexible and goes with clients' choice, so everything was managed within Slack and Trello.

Ed Erenberg, CEO of Cheerity highlights the great communication on our end and praises the Eleken designer as true talent and appreciates Eleken’s expertise.

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The designer that Eleken assigned to us was truly


she was young but not green — she had a firm grasp of the designs that we wanted. On top of that, we didn’t have to hire a separate firm for our marketing and platform pieces. That was Eleken’s speciality.


Ed Erenberg, CEO /

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UI decisions

The product we designed relies on a classic structure that serves well the main user goals.

The color palette, shades of violet and blue, were chosen to complement the client’s existing logo. The combination led to a pleasant color harmony on the website and within the platform. Gilroy font was chosen for both product and website, as it is well-readable and accessible. The font was complemented with a classical icon set, and, as a result, users can enjoy consistent and flawless UI.


Unique features

The campaign builder can be considered the product’s one-of-a-kind feature. The idea is similar to Facebook ads manager, but more for social-oriented campaigns. 

Our designers have started with a collection of mockups that the client loved and approved.


Then our designer worked on the campaign builder design, where users pick templates, download masks and frames, add text, banners or their branding, and can use other visual effects to create their campaigns. 


Cheerity is a marketing product in the first place, so it needed good internal analytics, and here our UX designer did a brilliant job. A dashboard and other analytical tools are super user-friendly and look amazing. 


In particular, the special maps show how many people used the product as well as the geography of the users reflected on the map. It is more than just analytical statistics, but also links the user to real customers and their input to social campaigns.


Results of cooperation

The redesigned platform looks fresh and very modern. And the marketing website with Eleken design was a huge upgrade from the old version of Cheerity website -the client’s team, advisors, and even investors were impressed. 

With the new design the look of the client’s customer base became more structured and better organized. And the product’s functionality was reflected in a more logical and comprehensive way. Moreover, Eleken has helped the client to create a consistent look across their product and website. 

Working on Cheerity case was fruitful and delightful cooperation that resulted in a great meaningful product and millions of happy users around the world. If you are looking for a reliable agency with expertise in building SaaS products, you came to the right place. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss details.

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