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Design system is the only way to scale your product consistently

As the business scales, the degree of chaos increases:

  • The number of features goes up.
  • Designers circle back to the same problems.
  • User experience suffers from inconsistency.

There’s a tool to eliminate roadblocks and ensure a smooth design process.

Design system brings
to chaos
Create designs

Reusing existing elements reduces design time from hours to minutes.


Design system unifies teams, enhancing communication and teamwork.


Usability gets better when similar interface components look and function in a similar way.

We deliver quickly without compromising quality


Asset collection

Component creation



1.  Research and planning

We will start by understanding
the needs of your company and users to define the scope and goalsof the design system. 

I found it impressive how much they knew about my problem space. They clearly understand the problem they are solving and how to connect with their clients.

2. Asset collection

Then, we'll gather all current design assets, including colors, fonts, icons, and UI components, to find and fix any inconsistencies.

3. Component creation

Our next step is to design reusable
UI components and patterns that align with the design system's principles.

4. Documentation

Finally, we will write detailed rules and guidelines explaining each design element’s anatomy and use cases.

5. Maintenance

We will stay as long as you need us providing ongoing maintenance and updates to keep the design system relevant as your organization evolves.

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We’ve helped 100+ SaaS apps in 9 years

Having one designer and main point of contact working on our products was a huge time- and money-saver.

We really enjoyed working with Eleken on our SASS application. They are committed and dedicated people. Their understanding of user experience, customer mindset, and best practices are excellent.

What impressed us the most about Eleken is their ability to delve deep into a complex product and deliver exceptional design solutions.

Their commitment to transparent communication, proactive problem-solving, and adaptability showcased a level of professionalism that set them apart.

I found their designers are very independent, can work without too much oversight and are great at onboarding onto the project.

They were able to really listen to us and learn about our business, to be open to the changes that we brought. Next to the fact that design skills are top-notch.

Eleken is very fast and efficient.

Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting.

The designs helped us better envision our product and give clear and actionable requirements to our developers.

The team has stayed on track by effectively utilizing communication tools for daily interaction.

The value proposition is very high with Eleken — their rates are fair and their team is excellent.

As a startup, we have been working towards product market fit. This involves demonstrations to potential users and investors. The improvements to our UI have led to new business as well as interest from investors.

Eleken is very fast and efficient.

Whenever we ask them for something, they have it ready by the next day. If we can’t provide immediate feedback, they keep working on other things to avoid wasting time waiting.

They create nice designs with amazing responsiveness and eagerness to improve.

They were able to dive into our product/styles/logic very quickly. Their ability to produce good and easy-to-use UI solutions is very strong.

We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to work independently when necessary. They also understand the requirements and did their own research as well as look at ours.

We were so pleased with our designer's work that we decided to continue the relationship with Eleken indefinitely.

I'm always impressed with how quickly they can turn around high quality work.

They have very high-quality UX design services and the cost relative to what you get is an absolute no-brainer.

Design has been a thought partner for us as we attempt to answer key strategic questions about how the product should look.

The UI is much cleaner and more intuitive than it was before. Our design planning and prioritization is also much smoother.

The talent Eleken has is unique. It's very difficult to find UI/UX designers who can take on a complex process for a niche B2B industry.

We have seen significant streamlining of our design process with Eleken. Things get done very quickly and it takes a minimal amount of communication.

They were professional to the core and ensured that they deliver no matter what.

It never occurred to me that you could find such high-quality, full-time UX designers at such a reasonable price. To find this combination has been amazing.

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