How we designed an engaging mobile app that helps people track their habits and improve their quality of life

When we start new habits like running or healthy eating, we want to improve our quality of life. Yet, many of our new goals are short-lived because long-term changes require a lot of resistance to deal with.

To help us adopt new behaviors, we need feedback. One way we can do this is by setting up a tracking system. HabitSpace is a habit tracking system that offers a simple way to give people a check-mark/cross mark for each new habit they’ve accomplished each day.

The owner of the HabitSpace app is a mobile app developer who we met before at another project. We were very happy to get a chance to work together again.

An app that motivates people to become the best version of themselves

The main idea of our client was to create an application that will help a user grow into the person they deserve to be with the right habits. Based on this vision, our job was to create a mobile app design that:

Builds a habit around habit tracking
Is easy to use and quick to navigate
Allows people to feel good about their progress
Gives people a sense of everyday accomplishment
Encourages to focus on improvements rather than perfection

To turn this vision into life, we had a very productive research phase during which we discovered what type of audience is more likely to use this app and how other applications implemented a similar vision.

How we designed HabitSpace

We intentionally made the HabitSpace application look very simple. It resembles a to-do-list. But despite the clean and minimalistic user interface, it has many intuitive micro-interactions that allow users to accomplish their goals fast.

A list of habits

The main app screen, one that users see first when they open the app, has a list of all habits a user intends to complete for the day. Users can customize the way this list looks by changing the color of every habit.

They don't need to go anywhere else to see their current progress and change the status of habits – everything is available right there, on the home screen.

Habit tracking

Users can track every habit and even perform actions such as workout using the HabitSpace app. Every action has a small message that explains why it's so important to turn it into a regular habit. We used a round chart to display the progress and added a timer for exercise tracking.

Adding habits

In the app, users can create their own habits or choose habits from our pre-installed lists. We categorized pre-installed habits by topics such as must-have habits and morning routines.

They don't need to go anywhere else to see their current progress and change the status of habits – everything is available right there, on the home screen.

Progress reports

By clicking on the analytics tab at the bottom of the screen, users can see the summary of their overall progress as well as the completion rate for every habit.

We made it easy for them to see how many goals they complete and what habits they are best at.

Our client loved what we did

With our UI/UX design, HabitSpace is now available on the App Store, empowering individuals to become better versions of themselves.

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