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"The workflow with the Eleken team is


They work as an embedded member of our team."


Jamie Conklin, VP of Product /

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Discover how SaaS companies have benefited from hiring Eleken to shape their AI-based products

Explore our case studies below.

Stradigi revamped the UI/UX of its AI solution to make it understandable for business users

Stradigi, a top SaaS AI business platform provider in North America, developed Kepler, a cutting-edge low-code artificial intelligence platform. Kepler eliminates technical obstacles and empowers large companies to make data-driven predictions using machine learning algorithms. Seeking to enhance the user experience for business users, Stradigi AI partnered with Eleken for the revamp of Kepler's UX.

Here is what we did for Stradigi:

  • Simplified the user flow for creating and training ML models
  • Developed designs for some new product features
  • Conducted user testing with four existing customers that had experience in creating ML models with Kepler
  • Achieved the client's goal of making the software intuitive for business users.

With a redesign, an AI-powered agriculture solution enhanced the user interface and cut down development costs

By using open-source satellite and drone data, Gamaya develops technology that helps farmers improve their operations and boost their crop yields. They hired Eleken to redesign their platform.

Here is what we did to help Gamaya:

  • Overhauled the UI/UX of the data analytics platform
  • Made the product more user-friendly
  • Changed the UI using ready-made components that led to minimum work on the developer's side.

A healthcare startup created an AI-powered product that boosts clinical documentation efficiency

Completing documentation after exhausting daily shifts consumes a significant amount of a doctor's valuable time. Through the use of speech-to-text dictation, AI-powered templates, and auto-fill features, Populate cuts down the time required for documentation, helping clinicians spend more time engaging with patients. The startup needed a design team to turn their idea into a product.

Here is what we did for Populate:

  • Modeled a user flow that starts with a patient making an appointment and ends with a doctor's prescription
  • Designed the user interface
  • Refined our solution based on user feedback
  • Added helpful hints during onboarding to help users get comfortable with the new AI-based features.

Astraea added Eleken designers to enhance its geospatial AI-powered SaaS, drawing in new customers and investors

Astraea was an early-stage startup working towards a product market fit for its AI platform that offers analytics-ready satellite imagery. This included demonstrations to potential users and investors, driving the need for radical improvements in their product's UI. So they needed experienced UI/UX designers who could cope with a complex data-intensive  application.

Here is what we did to help Astraea:

  • Simplified the user interface to make it more usable
  • Designed several new features from scratch
  • Customized design for clients from different industries
  • The improvements to the UI have led to new business as well as interest from investors.

Put people first

How good is AI? That depends on how much value it adds to the people who use it. We design great experiences by putting people first. Here are the main principles we stick to:

Define your product goals

We start by setting clear and specific goals, based on the user insights we get from working closely with your team.

Create a feedback loop

We create captivating experiences that encourage your users to help the algorithm learn and adapt to their changing needs.

Design for adaptation

The products we design adapt and improve based on the information provided by users, guaranteeing valuable results in any given situation.

Leave an open door for users

When creating user flows for your AI product, we empower users to make corrections that refine and improve the AI's output.

Make your user interface context-aware

We consider the context of use for your product, and we make sure the interface is relevant and useful for your users in that situation.

Our expertise in designing AI capabilities

Whether you want to create a product that revolves around AI or simply incorporate AI to help users with specific tasks, we know how to design user interfaces powered by AI.


  • Recommendations
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Adaptive interfaces
  • Intelligent search
  • Chatbots


  • Voice commands
  • Personalized responses
  • Predictive input
  • Gesture recognition
  • Contextual dialogues


  • Smart suggestions
  • Automated workflows
  • Predictive assistance
  • Smart resource allocation
  • Automated data analysis

What businesses say about working with us

"What impressed us the most about Eleken is their ability to delve deep into our complex product and deliver exceptional design solutions. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of our unique requirements, taking the time to fully comprehend the intricacies of our product and its functionality."

"The most impressive aspect of this company is the collaboration between the UX engineer and our team. So many consulting companies claim they provide fantastic customer support but often find out after the contract is signed that this isn't the case. This is not the situation with Eleken."

"The designs met the requirements and expectations of the internal team. Eleken responds quickly to inquiries and is willing to adapt where necessary. The team is hard-working and collaborative, facilitating a smooth workflow."

“The workflow with the Eleken team is seamless. They work as an embedded member of our team.”

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