SEOcrawl grows 2X after a complete UI/UX design overhaul

SEOcrawl is a set of SEO tools for SEO profesionals, companies, and marketing agencies that provide a simple and effective way to give shape and meaning to loads of data from Search Console by turning it into useful and easy-to-perceive information.

When we first met SEOcrawl’s team, their platform had already been successfully operating on the market for half a year. But their ambition was much bigger than that. 

SEOcrawl’s vision was to make their platform cover every aspect of the SEO needs so that much more businesses could take advantage of using it. In other words, they wanted to continue growing, gaining new customers and expanding their platform.

SEOcrawl felt like their current design would hinder their growth potential because of its outdated look and feel

SEOcrawl had logic for each page ready, but wanted to take it to another level in terms of usability and visual design. 

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Now our priority is design. We really want to create a great project making sure every aspect of the design is covered and the app looks professional.


David Kaufmann, CEO /

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The obstacle they faced was that their team had only one trainee designer who lacked the necessary experience to handle the task. Moreover, they wanted to start redesign promptly without any delay.

So SEOcrawl were looking for a UI/UX professional that would be able to: 

Clearly understand their vision and expectations  
Start the project as soon as possible (in a week or less)
Keep up with their fast pace and help them create a professional look for their product

Eleken matched all these requirements perfectly. So we provided SEOcrawl with an experienced designer who instantly jumped into the project and we began the trial period*.

*At Eleken we provide our clients with a 3-day trial period free of charge to help them make a risk-free and informed decision on whether to collaborate with us.

Eleken’s UI/UX designer was able to quickly adjust to SEOcrawl’s dynamic way of work

As SEOcrawl are extremely result-driven, the redesign process we were asked to perform had to be fast, well-structured, and consistent. From the very beginning of our cooperation, we found it very easy to talk to the client and deliver designs that would satisfy both our partners and their customers.

Such fruitful collaboration was possible mostly thanks to proper onboarding that gave our designer access to all the information she needed to deliver designs that work.

We were constantly in touch via Slack with SEOcrawl’s team to discuss the project, agree upon further steps, exchange quick feedback, or clarify some minor issues. We also had regular calls with the product manager and separately with the development team to discuss the project’s progress and results. 

To receive timely feedback and work iteratively, we used Figma. It allowed us to invite any team member to view, edit and comment on our designs in an online mode so that we could quickly react and fix mistakes or misunderstandings that may have arisen.

Here’s what Mr Kaufmann, the CEO of SEOcrawl, said about the collaboration with our UI/UX designer: 

Now let's have a closer look at the design process.

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Olha, from Eleken did a HUGE work… her communication and design skills were huge. Always so implied and so helpful and resolutive. a 10/10!


David Kaufmann, CEO /

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Our initial task was to make a complete overhaul of the product’s UI, as well as revise the main screens’ structure

As David Kaufmann often said “time is money, especially for a small company like us, so we have to concentrate on what matters most and quickly move forward”.

From the very beginning, we organized our work in a way that allowed us to handle dynamic redesign. We started with the competitor analysis and visual design trends overview to define in which direction to move when creating a new design concept, and to also discover design practices that could help us improve SEOcrawl.

To give us a better understanding of how the redesigned solution should look like, Mr. Kaufmann provided our team with some references, and we took them into account when creating new designs for each product’s page.

Apart from that, SEOcrawl asked a third-party agency to create a new logo for them. So, we adjusted the whole design concept to logo’s color scheme and visual style to make the software look aesthetically pleasing and consistent.

The whole redesign process was done with users in mind

Each decision we implemented as a part of UI/UX redesign was based not on our partner’s vision alone, but on SEOcrawl users’ reviews as well. SEOcrawl team showed each new screen we created to their customers to ask for feedback to ensure we make relevant improvements.

As the result, it took us less than 4 months to create an updated look for SEOcrawl step-by-step and have it implemented by developers.

Here are the main SEO tools that Eleken redesigned.

Our initial task was to make a complete overhaul of the product’s UI

Though SEOcrawl came for UI redesign mainly, all major blocks also required restructuring and feature reprioritization. So we carefully analyzed the UX of each screen and came up with improvements to enhance user clarity and guide them on each page's functionalities.

Performance metrics screen

With the help of this screen, users can analyze the detailed SEO performance of specific pages by tracking changes in traffic, evolution of visibility, absolute, relative traffic, and so on.

After analyzing the performance metrics screen, our designer decided to make the following changes to its structure:

Change the date picker hierarchy.
In the previous design version, the date picker was at the same hierarchical level as the filter button, but as it affects all page metrics, we decided to place it at the top of the screen.
Highlight SEO metrics indicators.
General indicators of the main SEO metrics were not visually highlighted enough. Therefore, our designer grouped them into blocks, making contrast in the size and font colors.
Revise button prioritization.
The original design didn’t consider the button prioritization. Some of them had the same visual power, although they served different functions with different priorities. After the redesign, only the “Upgrade Plan” button remained primary, while the rest became secondary and tertiary.

Individual performance page

Initially, there was a separate menu section for each type of metrics, and to track them, you had to make unnecessary transitions between pages which was inconvenient. That’s why we made the following changes:

We decided to combine the main metrics (Clicks, Impressions, Clicks per impressions ratio, AVG position) into the General section and make it possible to switch between metrics within this one section.
We had to represent two levels of hierarchy within the General section. The first one shows different metrics types that defines all the following indicators on the page, the second one refers to subsections within the selected metric. We decided to visualize the first level in a form of a switcher at the top of the page. For the second level, we created tabs with additional indicators for the selected category and put them below the main indicators and the graph.

Expanding the platform with new features to meet customers’ needs

As our redesign process moved on, SEOcrawl’s team understood that to meet their customers’ needs they have to expand their product and add some new features, menu items, and even new blocks. Thus, the redesign of the SEOcrawl smoothly added a product extension in the list of to-do tasks.

We ensured that the new features seamlessly integrated into the overall platform's aesthetic. Here are some crucial elements that we designed.


Crawler is a tool for complete and detailed SEO analysis of product web pages. We designed it to ensure ease of use for users to document report results, organize them by priority, and collaborate with their teams in real-time.

SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is a tool that detects and points out product problem areas in SEO by pages. With its help, users can monitor with all the details what changes happen on a specific page of their web product, and when these changes happen.

Our UI/UX redesign services worked magic for SEOcrawl, igniting an impressive growth in their user base

In close cooperation with the SEOcrawl team, Eleken refined the whole platform, gave it a modern look, logical structure, and helped adding a couple of new features that now fit seamlessly into the existing design.

This way, we helped SEOcrawl reach their goals in revealing their full potential and our cooperation resulted in a remarkable user increase.

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We have seen a huge growth in users (from 0 to 2k) and new paid customers thanks to the new design.


David Kaufmann, CEO /

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