Mental health & wellness support online.

Help has never been so close. Access to mental health support should be as easy as ordering a taxi, sharing a ride, or booking a room. It seems challenging nowadays. That's why we dove into this project with great passion.


App Design
UI Design
Web Design



The problem

Design solution

Mental and Physical Health Issues.

People experience a baffling array of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems caused by many factors: bad habits, binge eating, depression and more.

Relationships and Sex Woes.

The blind spot in relationships entails the loss of sexual drive between people. They are looking for advice how to reset the family well-being.

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders.

Social norms and taboos curtail personal freedoms leading to anxiety and social avoidance. People are striving for self-acceptance.

Our goal was to create an intuitive interface where user can feel safe to expess and discuss personal issues, counting on community support and being sure their privacy is not barged in.

Chat on demand with Welper

Qualified professionals are available 24/7. User can engage with certified professionals - nutritionists, psychologists, sexologists - for the immediate support.

Video Calls

User can connect a qualified specialist and ask for help nearby or anywhere across the globe, without spending time in waiting rooms. We kept the interface conventional to sharpen focus on the service itself.

Social pressure and constant rush for better life leave mark on people’s mental poise. Without support,  
the thorny issues constantly live in people’s mind.

We highlighted Welpy’s main feature: adding card where user can express his/her concern. And more, user can switch it to be private or public, post any question and get helpful responses from the community.

Feed screen

People's Privacy.

When people feel blue they don't want to open up. For this reason, anonymous posting helpes to cover people's struggles and avoid any profiling. Customer’s privacy is a top priority.

Web Applications

Mobile app

Interface parts

Welpy’s interface is very detailed as nothing can be missed especcialy when it comes to pople’s support. Each part is worth a closer look. We bring out specific interactions between a customer and an expert.

The platform caters for both sides - a customer and a qualified professional. Web interface allows to have a broad review of all aspects of appointments: appointments history and stats, attachments if any, schedule, and chats.

Wellness and mental support withing easy reach via mobile device. We took efforts to make the process flexible and accessible.

Evgeny Bogdanov
Software Manager

"With Eleken becoming more popular every day, there is the constant need to be different. There are millions of users, and there will be many who might even use the same layouts."

Our client loved what we did