Cloud-based veterinary practice management

The product makes it easy for pet owners to find and book a vet appointment and then to manage their pet’s medical record online.


Web design
UI Animation

We created convenient tool for managing their vet practice. Extended functionality allows them to get new customers and grow business online.

Web based platform makes it easier to find vet clinics globally. Ratings, reviews and instant booking help to make better decisions.

The problem

Design solution

Activity tracking

The device detects and calculates the duration of the most important activities performed during the tour: sealskin removal, skis on the backpack or kick turn.We supplemented the data with the customized icons to make the results filtering more convenient.

Tour card

A single skimo tour is designed in a card view for displaying information in bite-sized sections. Users can have a quick look at their touring results timeline.

We worked out simple and handy platform that helps pet owners and local vet clinics stay connected anytime and anywhere.


Mobile search.
Responsive design

For customers, search function is essential to reach the vet-service providers. Especially on-the-go.

Mobile search gives users easy-to-choose results with reviews, ratings and appointment schedules in their hands.

Mobile menu.
Responsive design

We kept the information about the patients and customers the same accessible as from the desktop device. Thoughtful and compact mobile menu interface gives full access to required information from mobile devices.

Clinic dashboard

Quite a simple interface for easy management of appointments, reminders, patients and clients from any online device.

Improved Search Page

We upgraded the clinic search by including vital information for user’s decision-making and instant booking. The clinic detailed profile in search page engages more customers and improves online visibility.

Responsive design was created without compromises on product functions and quality. It allows vets run their practices online, from any device. The customers can easily communicate with vets at all times.

Access anytime from anywhere. TopVet responsive

Individual illustrations

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Users can't wait to start working with it

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TopVet is live and continues to providing excellent veterinary software. You can check out the site

Graham Crauch
CEO TopVet

"With Eleken becoming more popular every day, there is the constant need to be different. There are millions of users, and there will be many who might even use the same layouts."