Web and mobile app design for a corporate learning management system

We live in a world where time is money, and productivity equals profit. To make sure employees get the skills they need to carry out their jobs in a productive way, businesses around the globe are investing in employee training programs. These programs are typically delivered through cloud-based SaaS solutions that make knowledge accessible from anywhere.


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According to IBM's study, with every $1 spent on online learning, a company gains $30 worth of productivity. The ROI gained from corporate training inspires organizations to look for even better and more efficient ways to bridge employee training gaps.

PublishXi is an online system for publishing educational content and creating learning programs. It is designed to help companies turn learning into an engaging and interactive experience available through a branded website and companion iOS and Android apps.

PublishXI's team enjoyed working together

PublishXi belongs to DigitalXi, a software development company. When they turned to Eleken, their project was already in progress. They had developed wireframes and already had a solid vision of what they wanted. We quickly understood their idea and managed to design the application in several iterations.

Content uploads

PublishXi offers a Studio with simple drag-and-drop functionality for creating educational content. Learning managers (or editors as we call them) can easily add content such as images, PDFs, 3D files, podcasts, and videos to create interactive learning experiences for their employees. They can also pull documents – such as Word documents or PDFs – from different sources like Dropbox or Google Docs. Once the program is configured, learning managers can invite users to the platform via an email.

Learners can access content through a learning portal on the web and also via out-of-the-box mobile apps. The platform offers analytics functionality to help organizations get a better understanding of their employee performance.

To create a learning program, an editor needs to upload content to the platform. They can do it by simply dropping files from their computer or by connecting to Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts.

To help the editor understand how many steps the process of creating a learning program will take, we added a progress bar to the bottom of the screen. It shows the users where they currently are and gives them an idea of the next step.

Here is how we designed both apps, web, and mobile.

An online publishing platform where knowledge turns into an experience


Invite users


All the content uploaded to the Studio goes into Publications. An editor can put publications into folders and sort them to find a publication they need. They can manage their publications with a few clicks: preview, share, move, manage access, and delete functions are all accessible through the context menu at the bottom right corner of the publication card.

Inviting users to the platform is easy. Everything the editor needs to do is go to the Users tab and fill in the email and full name of the person and specify their role on the platform. PublishXi offers digital rights management so admins could restrict content access, lock and unlock users, and remove content from the users’ devices.

Testing is a great way to check the user's knowledge. We designed tools that help editors create educational tests that they can configure to show up after the user has completed the learning program.

One idea of our client was to offer users a way to sell their learning programs through a marketplace. The design of the marketplace is similar to the design of the Publication’s functionality. Users can search for content by the organization, topic, category, publication date, and price. They can watch a demo of the content they are looking to buy or proceed to a shopping cart.

Analytics offers three types of data classified by levels: Organizational, Content, and User. On the Organizational level, the learning manager can get an understanding of how many publications the learners have read and how many tests they have taken. From this user interface, users can also view their content purchases and revenue.



Paul Aiello
Founder & CEO

Eleken’s effective project management and in-depth understanding of project requirements allowed them to develop a successful product with limited iterations. The team was skilled, flexible in coordinating meetings, and delivered prompt, helpful feedback.