Card to card online money transfers

Send money instantly 24/7, locally or even abroad. Support your family, help out a friend or pay back in a few taps. money transfer system is not an e-wallet, there is no need to top up your account or to cash out, money goes directly from sender to recipient.


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UI/UX design

User flow

Track Transfers

Send money in a few taps and enjoy instant transfer.

Receive Transfers

Just link your credit, debit or prepaid card and send money in seconds.

Send money in a few steps

You always see the exact amount you send and the exact amount recipient gets.

You always see applicable fees and exchange rate. No surprises!

Converting the world of money transfer is at your fingertips when you need to send or receive money. Fast, effortless, without boundaries.


The app that provides you online money transfers 24/7

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