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Visual design




Once you decide you want to travel the world, The Dreamer Hostel will help you with getting the most essential information you need to know before heading out to discover these amazing places.

Getting started

Gridle uses Inspectlet to register everything its users do in the app. We spent a lot of time watching the recordings to understand which features get used more, and which are completely ignored. This helped us arrive at the conclusion of how to build a user interface.

Crafting a simple user flow

To ensure a consistent experience for all users, we created a simple yet detailed sitemap of the website. The main challenge was to make every piece of content accessible from all devices.

Making travelling easy

To solve UX challenges and validate the flow, we developed wireframes based on the components. Then we experimented with different styles, colours and typography most suited to the Dreamer Hostel’s needs.

Visual experiences that inspire

We leveraged technology through the functional design to keep focus on products inside the platform. It allows users to complete tasks easily and be positive about their online experience.

A space to start your adventure

The design of every card allows users to complete tasks easily and be positive about their online experience, which aligns with the travelling vibes. Cards will dynamically adapt to the platform’s specificity for unmatched performance.

From handheld to desktop

The Dreamer Hostel website is fully responsive, adapting to screens of all sizes and shapes, making interaction with the website uniquely enjoyable.