Turn your energy into productivity

Alacrity is an app that helps users to eliminate productivity problems. They are able to plan their daily work load more efficiently by tracking peak energy, focus, and motivation hours.


Web Development
UI design
Web design

The problem

Focus is hard to come by when energy rhythms go up and down. Body’s natural sleep schedule affects our alacrity

User Flow

Even a product with limited functionality needs a thorough groundwork.

Coffee is not enough to stay awake?

Often feel drowsy in the meetings?

Can’t sleep a wink at the night time?

Get started.
Onboarding design

We created an introduction to provide audience with enjoying experience right from the start. First interactions with an app foster users’ engagement.

Animated walkthroughs and tutorials tutorials make them familiar with the product. In the same teach them how to use it.

How we designed Alacrity

We set our sights on making a meaningful digital product that allows to optimize people’s effeciency. It’s time to move the hands of our biological clock toward productivity.

Set Up.
Personalize Application

The application offers two modes with different data tracking options. The first graph with average energy rates can be reviewed in 2 days. The final BPT analysis requires 21 days of tracking.

Prime Hours

The right time for the right work. Knowing when users’ prime hours are, they can tweak their schedule. At peak rates it’s better to dive into brain-intensive work, leaving other tasks for low-energy periods.

Catch Up.
Never miss your data.

We created an introduction to provide audience with enjoying experiencTo get the most accurate results, users need to rate their state each hour. The app automatically reminds about that. If some periods are missing, users always have a chance to catch up.e right from the start. First interactions with an app foster users’ engagement.

Check your progress.

We developed an algorythm that easily calculates the average of users’ Prime Hours real-time. Users rate hourly their energy level from 1 to 10, then calibrates the results.

Landing page

Alacrity is a personal assistant for productivity growth.

Evgeny Bogdanov
Software Manager

"Eleken has helped us in two companies where I worked. At first, Koemei startup, they helped us to design our responsive web platform and investor slides. We were very happy with the final results. At second, Pomocup product, they provided the design and UX improvements for our mobile app and the web platform. Again outstanding results. I would highly recommend them and would work with them in the future!"

Our client loved what we did