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November 7, 2022

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Learn From the Best SaaS Websites—Their Secrets Revealed!

Your SaaS website can make or break your business. Knowing where to direct your efforts when designing your site is one of the most important skills in ensuring high convertion rates . In web design, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, nor some magic tricks that bring conversions. But there are still some rules for building conversion-focused design that separate the leaders from the laggards. 

In this article, we'll list the best SaaS websites so you could learn a lesson on building high-converting website from the leaders. 

10 examples of the highest-converting SaaS websites

These websites surpass clean layout features to accord visitors a tailored experience that is almost similar to a real face-to-face talk with a salesperson:

Mailchimp is one of the best SaaS websites

Mailchimp is a leading email marketing SaaS that utilizes the art of clarity and directness when putting forth a marketing message. The landing page for its website loads efficiently without a popup to display a conspicuous text and a call to action. The navigation menu at the top of the page is simple and easy to understand, even for first-time internet users. Moreover, there are neither unnecessary animations nor fancy graphics, making the page's purpose to solely highlight the services offered.

Bamboohr is an example of great design of SaaS website

Human resource needs may vary from one business to another, despite having common goals such as retaining productive workforces. Bamboohr provides Human Resources  SaaS to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its website uses intriguing headers at the homepage that not only highlight the services offered but also encourage visitors to spend more time browsing the site. The landing page has a floating navigation bar that stays with visitors, even when scrolling down. 

Alteryx is a leading B2B SaaS company

Data is valuable and indispensable inasmuch as marketing is concerned. Alteryx is a leading B2B SaaS company which specializes in data analytics software. Its products are used in preparing, grouping, and analyzing data for meaningful insights. The graphics of a human portrait depict the real thrill of solving real-world problems. The free trial icon on the landing page encourages visitors to sign up, and often they end up paying for the premium version. 

Kissmetrics  is an example of an effective SaaS website

Kissmetrics is another analytics software service provider that doesn't waste users' time when they visit their website. The page is easy to read and understand, highlighting all the services offered without cluttering information. The layout is intriguing, and visitors can smoothly scroll down for more information. Moreover, Kissmetrics quantifies its clients to rubber-stamp their credibility in the industry, which wins hearts and minds at the first impression!

Slack has a simple and appealing SaaS website design

What do you look out for when hunting for a business messaging and communication platform? Well, Slack answers that question in a simple conspicuous text at the homepage. Slack also embeds a video explaining how it filters messages to designated recipients. You probably agree that videos are more engaging compared to plain texts.

Dropbox is the most popular SaaS with intuitive UX

Dropbox is arguably the most popular file sharing software, thanks to its simplicity and intuitive user-experience. You are looking at a file hosting service that calls users to action in a hassle-free way. Visitors see only relevant information on the home page, which in this case, varies from one website to another. Remember, visitors want to spend as little time as possible on your page but still grasp what they need. 

a SaaS website with great call to action.

Litmus's website offers great examples of a practical call to action that arouses further interest. This leading email testing SaaS platform allows users to monitor all their campaigns. The first text on its site piques the interest of any visitor by offering solutions to a problem that many businesses face. This includes assuring potential customers that their emails are safe against third-party access/interception. 

Fullstory is a SaaS website with great user experience

Fullstory gives you a deeper insight into favorable user experience, thanks to its end-to-end display that enhances easy navigation. Fullstory imparts an inspiration for converting landing pages. The layout is not only appealing but also easy to follow. The text provides a concise description of all the services offered. In other words, you’ll hardly give up before signing to Fullstory.  

homepage of  SaaS website

Adyen offers unmatched B2B payment software, evident from an incisive description on its homepage. The homepage instantly highlights the main problem that B2B buyers and sellers face (multi-channel payment collection) and offers a solution for the same. Besides that, the layout is appealing and easy to navigate for first-time visitors. The call to action is concise and straightforward. 

  • FLOW
Flow the best project management SaaS website

Lastly, if you are looking for a project management SaaS, you might want to visit Flow. Flow has a distinct homepage that makes it stand out from competitors who offer the same service. Besides a clean layout, the text is well-visible and concise for a layman's understanding. The text highlights all the services provided without creating confusion or redundancy.  

What tactics do reputable SaaS websites employ?

All the above SaaS websites stand out from hundreds of other competitors in all aspects to win prospective leads and customers on their first visit. Besides well-thought-out content, some of the tactics that any best SaaS website would employ include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Brief and direct texts

The best way to get the attention of any internet users is to avoid ambiguity as much as possible. That means you should give them fewer options that don't bog them down with a difficult decision of what to go for. All the above sites have brief landing pages with fewer texts, fewer icons, and fewer CTAs. After all, your visitors can still understand further intricacies of what you offer when they click the "Learn More" option or sign up for your newsletters. 

  • Customer validation

While some companies may not allow you to incorporate their logos on your home and landing pages, if possible, it’s a surefire way to get the credibility and create a trustworthy image. Most of the SaaS websites discussed above flaunt the logos of their happy customers to entice visitors to act accordingly on the calls to action. However, this method will be more effective when leading and well-known brands, preferably global ones are involved. If visitors are familiar with some of your clients, they will become more inclined to take up your offers. 

  • Unparalleled designs

Web design in terms of color, navigation bar, and graphics matters greatly as it helps to quantify a website's value. Remember, the first impression matters more than anything. The above sites have clean and beautiful designs that encourage visitors to spend more time exploring other pages. These designs include easy-to-follow menus that are at the top of the site. 

  • Videos

The best SaaS website will engage customers in the most captivating way possible, and nothing does that better as using videos. Sites like Slack prefer to engage visitors via a video compared to a chunk of text. Slack uses a short, clear video that explains its services without shifting attention. 

  • Navigation structure

Lastly, if you visit the above sites, you'll notice how self-explanatory their navigation structure is, especially how they incorporate footer links. It is important to note that users prefer to click on footer links that redirect them to another part of the page or an entirely different one, instead of scrolling manually. Moreover, sites that don’t have a search icon rely on footer links to enhance user experience. 

How to create a high-converting website

Generating new leads and customers is the goal and dream of any online business. Notable results will only be realized once you tune your website into a high-converting platform that upsells the existing customers and turns visitors into paying clients. Besides keeping tabs on global industry optimization, steps that you can take to curate a high-converting website include but not limited to, the following:

  • Targeted messaging

Your visitors must feel like your site offers a tailored solution, instead of something open and applicable to anyone in the world. Avoid too generic texts that will make you sound like an incompetent non-specialist. You can decipher your target reach by talking to your clients in all customer segments to understand what they expect of a service provider like you. 

  • Social proof

Most ventures underestimate the value of social proof and what it adds to prospective leads. While most customers are quick to embrace online services on a trial basis, compelling social proof could actually convince them to sign up and pay for your services without even trying them out first. Positive online reviews are like personal recommendations, and users believe they always point them towards the best SaaS websites. Other types of social proof include embedding brand logos, testimonials, displaying the number of subscribers, and endorsement messages. 

  • Pricing landing pages

There are two main types of first-time visitors, including the one who comes to see what you offer and someone who comes to compare prices with that of close competitors. Therefore, you must match this need with an interactive landing page that allows customers to make comparisons at ease. Your pricing options should be consistent with formidable features that demonstrate value and benefits. 

  • Easy-to-find product details

Lastly, it is important to understand that there are various ways that customers might want to exploit to find out more about your product. A call-to-action doesn't give room for contact inquiries, and if you solely depend on CTAs, it can be a huge turnoff for some. Therefore, have conspicuous contact details for messaging, voice calls, and video calls if possible. Since the inquiries can be overwhelming, you can retain sales representatives for assistance. 

The takeaway

Regardless of your niche, the role of your website is to intrigue, convince, and convert visitors. The greater part lies in the design, user-experience, and a CTA that compels and turns visitors into long-term paying clients. 

If you have any questions about designing your website for conversion, or looking for an experienced designer to do just that, you're in the right place. We specialize in creating design for SaaS. Shoot us a message and we'll get back to your as soon as we can.


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