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Risk-Free UX/UI Design Services: How to Do a Free 3-Day Trial With Eleken


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A free trial is a popular practice among SaaS companies when users can try out digital products for a limited time. But what if I told you that you can trial design services?

Here at Eleken, we offer design services for three days of work at no charge. This way, our potential clients can evaluate our skills, get to know the team, and see whether we’re the right fit. Our team of 40+ UI/UX designers with SaaS design expertise can join any project, whether it is an MVP design, redesign, or team extension.  

Here are more details on how our trial works and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Benefits of Eleken’s free trial

A free trial at Eleken provides a great opportunity to see how we work and experience the service first-hand before signing the contract. During the trial period, Eleken designer creates three design screens and presents them to you. You can share your thoughts and inform us whether you want to make changes or add something.

Eleken's trial carries no risk as we don’t ask to provide any payment information upfront. When the trial ends, it’s up to you to decide if we’re the right fit. We follow the subscription-based pricing model, which means that our clients pay a fixed monthly fee, just like with SaaS products. 

All in all, if you are looking for a long-term collaboration with an agency, our trial period can be extremely helpful, and here is why: 

  • You get first-hand experience for free
  • You can evaluate our expertise, quality of work, and see whether we match your project needs.
  • You can get acquainted with the Eleken team and our offering.
  • You can make sure you get the best value for the price.

To ensure our clients get the design solutions they need, we typically follow the iterative process. Here is what it looks like. 

An overview of the design process during the trial period

For the Eleken team, there is nothing more important than going the extra mile to provide our clients with the best design solutions possible. That is why our trial process includes four main steps. 

Step 1: Kick-off trial call

We start the project by holding a kick-off trial call where we try to understand the client’s goal, product idea, target audience, and pain points. Then, we agree on communication channels with the client. 

Also, we gather materials, do market research, and evaluate the project. For that, we assign a design manager and a responsible designer to work with each client.

Lastly, we identify the type of project since every project requires different approaches and management practices for its execution. It can be as follows:

  • Design from scratch: the product is at the ideation stage, and we design it from the very beginning.
  • Redesign: the design of a product is outdated or too complex to use. 
  • Team extension: our designers join your product development team. 

Step 2: Screen design

During the next two days, our designer makes several screens. Once the first screen is done, they share the intermediate result with the client and receive feedback. After getting the feedback, our team continues to finalize the screens.

Step 3: Design presentation

Here comes the moment of presentation. The Eleken team provides the final solutions using Figma and explains the next steps in the design process, including how the work will be organized in case of cooperation.

Step 4: Subscription

After a successful trial period, more intensive work begins. We schedule a series of calls with the client to gather more detailed information. The responsible team will prioritize tasks with the client’s team and establish a timeline for deliverables to ensure a clear understanding of what to do first and when results can be expected.

As you see, the trial period is an informative and painless process that offers valuable data and insights into how we work. You don’t risk anything and can verify whether our service is a good choice for you.

By the way, we have recently talked to Anastasiia, Eleken’s UI/UX designer, who completed the trial with her first client and shared her experience in the interview. Feel free to read it in case you want to learn more. 

And now that we talked about the trial, let’s look at a specific case.


We began our partnership with Datawisp with a 3-day trial. The client needed a complete redesign of the product’s main screen. This is how the Datawisp design looked before we started working on it: 


Our designers offered three versions to choose from:

Main Version of the Main Screen or Datawisp

The client was pleased with the results, admitting that now the design looks fresh and bold. 

Here is what Moritz Uehling, CTO of Datawisp, wrote on Clutch, “The three-day trial was very unique, giving you a risk-free chance to try working with them."

The redesign done by the Eleken team received positive reviews from both users and investors. As a result, Datawisp has raised $3.6 million USD in funding.

How to prepare for the trial?

A free trial from Eleken is a game-changer for businesses looking to create an MVP, fix or scale their SaaS product and see how their solution will function and look. 

To make the most of the trial period with our agency, we advise you to gather some useful information:

  • Project scope: outline timeline, budget, resources, deliverables, tasks, and so on. 
  • Design goals: define the desired outcomes for the trial.
  • Target audience: identify a group of people that's most likely to use your product. 
  • References and specific requirements: get this data together to share with our designers.

Our trial provides you with a risk-free way to try our service and helps build trust from day one. If it seems good for you and you’re willing to try it, schedule a call with Eleken.

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