Want to build a new product? Design an MVP first

Eleken can help you design the smallest thing that you can build and that someone would pay for, or even just use.

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Have a complex thing on your mind? We'll make it simple

Dropbox, Buffer, Spotify, Stripe – every great product started from something small and simple. We will take your idea and distill it down to an MVP – a base to iterate from.


With an MVP your team can learn what your customer wants and needs and deliver just that.

Build fast

MVP is something you can build fast and put it in front of your customers as soon as you can.

Save budget

Focusing on a small set of features for launch lets you avoid burning money on development.


Based on your learnings, continue improving on your solution until it solves the user problem.

"They were able to really listen to us and learn about our business"

Pieter Kinds

CEO of TendrX

Design the absolute
minimum workable set
of features

Here is how we do it.


Product discovery

We'll have a session with you to discover your product vision and understand how we can strip it down to an MVP. At the end of product discovery, you'll get a user flow – a path a user will take to do a job they hire your product for.

Product vision

Product owner

UX Research

User flow



When we have a user flow, we start mapping user experience. Wireframes show the structure of each screen in your app. We design low-fidelity wireframes that include content, typefaces, colors, image dimensions, and branding elements, and high-fidelity wireframes that capture the look and feel of your product.


Low-fidelity wireframes


High-fidelity wireframes

Product owner


User testing

With wireframes, you can already test your product with potential users. We'll make all the needed changes to the wireframes based on the feedback you get from your users.


User testing

Design improvements

Product owner


Visual design

With the screen structure tested and approved, we can create a visual design for your product. You can give us some references for inspiration, or we can put together a mood board for you.


Mood board

Color scheme

Final design

Product owner


Design handoff and launch

At Eleken, we don't provide software development services, but we make sure your developers have all they need to implement the product we've designed.


Product release

User feedback

Continuous iterations

Design iterations and improvements

Product owner


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