CRM Design

Create an Intuitive System to Accommodate the Unique Workflows of Your Customers

When we talk about CRM design, two words can’t be left out of the conversation – automation, and simplicity. Because, let’s agree: if a CRM app doesn't help sales managers do their jobs faster and better, there is no point in using it.

We can help you design a CRM app that brings real value to your customer businesses.


UI/UX redesign for a client experience platform


Product design for a customer experience platform


Redesign for Cloud Phone System to Shorten Learning Curve

With Eleken you get more than a pretty user interface

Here at Eleken, we don’t simply develop a neat-looking design for your solution. With your idea and our holistic approach, you can have an end product that will look and work better than your competitors' products and become irreplaceable for its users.

Increase perceived value

Customers have high expectations but we know how to wow them. In design, we seek to connect with people's emotions. When your users feel special and valued, your product grows.

Boost user adoption

With a simple set up process and effortless navigation, we can make sure that your users’ first-run experience is engaging. In other words, we'll make them fall in love with your product.

Reduce training costs

With a self-explanatory CRM UX design you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources on the user manuals and guidelines – why do so, when everything is so intuitive?

Deliver functionality that helps your customers sell better

The main goal of any CRM system is to make a sales process more efficient. The goal of our team is to design your system in a way that delivers just that – helps your users sell better.

Contact management

With a careful design of your contact management tools, your users will never forget about their existing contacts and could update contact information when needed.

Interaction tracking

Interaction tracking functionality should help users see the history of their activities with clients, leave notes on each activity, and schedule future meetings.

Lead management

Your users will be able to add new leads from web forms and structure them using customizable categories to achieve a more personalized customer approach.

Email integration

Apart from sending letters to clients directly from the CRM system, we can display a user messaging history with each of their clients so they could quickly recall their last conversations.

Document management

With us in charge of your document management tools design, your customers will be able to drag and drop files of any format, add new folders, and sort everything with ease in one place.

Quotes/proposal management

Thanks to well-designed proposal management functionality, your customers will save time and minimize their efforts in replying to their clients’ requests and sending project proposals.

Pipeline management

The core of any CRM software, sales pipeline needs to help sales managers drive deals to close. We visualize your user's complex sales process easily and make pipelines ultimately intuitive and customizable.

Workflow automation

Made to streamline routine business tasks, a workflow management system with a seamless design can help users easily automate repetitive work without the need to look at manuals.


Reporting tools provide data that influence the decision-making process. We design analytics dashboards that present complicated information in an accessible and clear manner.

Offer a system that suits the needs of your user

If you're going to design a CRM, you should focus on the needs of your unique customer. There is no point in trying to satisfy every single sales manager across every single industry. Below, you can see examples of the most in-demand CRM features we can help you design.


By adding automated pop-ups for the next steps you will save your users’ time on getting acquainted with your software – it will directly instruct them on how to work with it.


When the system allows users to freely modify it (for example, customizable data fields and workflows), they can adapt the CRM app specifically to their needs and make their jobs easier.

Best practices

Pre-designed proposals, reports, and email templates can help your clients improve their current practices and help with the training of new employees.

Design for customer success

To design a CRM system that helps your customers achieve their goals, we seek to understand what "success" means for your customers. No matter if you're building enterprise-grade software or an app for small businesses, we take a thorough approach to UX design.

UX research

What problem does your product solve?

User personas

What types of people do you seek to design for?

Jobs to Be Done

What are your customers' needs?

Design your CRM
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