Marketing Automation Software Design

Design a Marketing Automation System That Makes Marketing Way Simpler

With so many channels and strategies that marketers use to connect with their audiences, marketing is where automation systems are irreplaceable.

But how do you design a system that makes complex marketing easy? Eleken might just be
the right answer.


Product design for a customer experience platform

Eleken brings more than just a lovely look

Our team can make your marketing automation product clean and simple, and help you accelerate your product adoption.


Higher perceived value

Intuitive UI makes marketing activities much easier. When everything feels like a breeze, users can instantly see the value in your product and use it continually.

So intuitive!

Delightful onboarding experience

The moment a user opens your app, they'll feel like they made the right decision to try it. We design onboarding flow in a way that promotes user activation and retention.

No additional training required

When your product doesn’t make users afraid because of how complex it is, they won’t even require any guidelines or instructions to find out how to use it.

Bad UX
Good UX

Features that make marketing simple

With our help, you can design a marketing automation system to be ultimately simple to use. Here are some features we can design for you:

Email marketing

Make it easy for your users to create and launch email marketing campaigns, track open rates, and grow subscribers.

Lead management

Allow marketing teams to capture and nurture leads across different channels, and move them down the marketing funnel.

Social media marketing

Automate social media management to allow users to schedule posts, engage their audiences, advertise, and grow followers.

Landing pages

Create ready-made landing page templates with customizable elements to let marketing teams quickly launch new offers.

Content distribution

Build content distribution functionality to help your users publish and distribute content across multiple channels in
a few clicks.

Live webinars

Make it possible for users to run webinars on your platform so they could improve brand awareness and generate leads for their business.

Marketing resource management

Simplify team management for marketing teams by incorporating project management functionality into marketing projects.

Cross-channel campaign management

Allow users to manage multi-channel marketing campaigns: website, social media, emails – place them all at your user's fingertips.

Reporting and analytics

Design analytics dashboards that provide accurate data on marketing campaign performance and progress on specific activities.

Design a more advanced solution

To win customer loyalty, you have to make sure you’re offering the best product on the market. Here are some features that can provide extra benefits for your product:

Lead tracking

Your app can help users track
a prospect's moves while traveling through a funnel and alert the users when the lead takes specific ready-to-convert actions.

User segmentation

Your product can help marketers create special offers for a group of customers or even individuals using the data about their previous behavior.


Marketing strategies are based on analytics. We can help you design custom dashboards so your users could be able to monitor their business-specific metrics.

Design for customer success

When creating product design, we seek to answer the following question: how does your product ensure customer success? Here are three UX research methods that we use to discover the needs and wants of your users:

UX research

What problem does your product solve?

User personas

What types of people do you seek to design for?

Jobs to Be Done

What are your customers' needs?

Design your marketing software with Eleken