App Store screenshot design

Promote app on the App Store and Google Play

Boost your mobile app downloads with amazing screenshots that create a positive impression on the viewers. We can help you create appealing visuals that make your app stand out.

Create a great first impression of your app

We can help you design an app icon, screenshots, and a preview video to increase conversions on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Icon design

Your icon needs to be simple and catchy to get the attention of users. We use contrasting colors and memorable shapes and make the icon consistent with the app it represents.

Screenshot design

Screenshots create a compelling story about how your app will make people's lives better. On screenshots, we convey the strongest selling points from your user’s point of view.

Preview video

In the screen recording video, we'll show your app in action communicating its main idea in 15‑30 seconds. We add copy to videos if needed and localize it for different audiences.

How we create amazing screenshots for the App Stores

Your app's page design has a great impact on your App Store conversion rates. We create stunning imagery that reflects your brand identity and makes your audience easily understand your app's core value proposition.

A panoramic screenshot gallery

60% of users won’t swipe past your first two screenshot images.
To make the most of them, we usually design a panoramic screenshot gallery (a continuous design that spans across two or more screenshots).

This screenshot design style encourages visitors to scroll through to see the complete panoramic picture so they're more likely to interact with your images.

Each screenshot has a single message

On the App Store, you have 5 screenshots. Each of these screenshots needs to tell a single message about your app. We place your user's main problem and how your app solves it on the first screenshot. The second screenshot demonstrates your strongest USP. Other screenshots show your app’s second, third, and fourth strongest USP respectively.

The latest iOS and Android devices

Your screenshots will always look better on the latest gear. Making your app look modern will create a good impression of its quality. We can show an eye-catching and unusual angle of the iOS device you’re aiming at and this way grab the user’s attention.

If you need to create screenshots for Google Play, we'll use whatever device is trending at the moment.

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