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Unleashing the full potential of Invyzia's legacy app with a redesign

Financial advisors usually have their hands full with many things, trying to meet the varying needs of their customers. In this respect, the Invyzia Solutions platform was created by advisors for advisors to simplify their daily operations and improve client conversations by creating easy-to-understand financial proposals.

Invyzia Solutions is a niche, straightforward, and simple platform for financial proposals. The platform gathers all financial data. With its help, advisors can quickly generate proposals, show their customers how they are allocated today, and make informed decisions about what their allocation will look like in the future.

But the existing platform hasn’t been renewed for several years. And inevitably came the time when it didn’t fully meet the needs of modern users. When the clients used the platform themselves, they experienced many UX frictions. Compared to other similar platforms on the market, the platform was buggy and outdated.

To keep up with the modern world, Invyzia Solutions needed experienced UI/UX designers to redesign the platform and fix bugs, making it more modern and clean. That’s how they met Eleken.

Small changes in visual style made the biggest difference

At Eleken, we start our collaboration with clients with a free trial to let them understand if we meet their requirements. This time, our task during the trial was to make a new visual style and create a menu layout.

Our designers updated 3 screens and offered 5 different UI styles.

The clients chose the one that best reflected their vision, and we continued working based on this style.

How we redesigned Invyzia Solutions’ proposal generation platform: 3 key stages

Our team dived into the platform’s specifics to understand where the existing design lacked the necessary logic, intuitiveness, and consistency in its structure. We identified friction points and offered some changes to the existing design.

This is what the redesign process looked like:

Stage 1. Making UI overhaul

To ensure the platform not only functions great but also looks attractive, we started with user interface design. We updated color schemes, changed logo colors, and experimented a bit with fonts.

Lots of white space helps users focus on their goals within a product, while the green palette of the highlights distinguishes the buttons and creates a pleasant impression. The overall light green theme with rounded angles has a calming effect. Also, such a design is more appealing and easier on the eyes than rectangles with sharp edges. It takes people less cognitive effort to process the information visually.

The color palette is monochrome. Contrasting colors - dark blue and green - are used only in the left sidebar to make the navigation bar more visible.

The final result was worth the effort. We did a complete overhaul of the UI, making the platform look modern and intuitive, as well as creating a unified look and feel.

Stage 2. Improving the UX with simplified navigation and structure

To identify the problems with UX in navigation and structure, we analyzed all the existing pages. Our team offered to simplify navigation using breadcrumbs, navigational cues that display users’ current location on the platform.

Instead of three steps in proposal creation, we created a convenient and easy-to-navigate one-page menu. When users create a proposal, there appears a table where all the data is in one place.

We made all pages consistent, well-structured, and organized, while a complex multi-page proposal creation process became simpler and more efficient.

Stage 3. Creating individual pages

The platform provides users with a single, customizable dashboard, where they can manage their customers. Advisors can create accounts, generate their proposals, and add payment methods. They can also automate household management and export performance reports at any time.

Our team made a unified structure of tables for all pages. To reduce users’ cognitive load, we changed table styles and converted pages or page sections to modal windows. Here is what we did:

Onboarding and creating accounts

When clients first interact with the platform, they go through a simple onboarding process and create accounts using their emails.

When the account is set up, the user can start adding and updating all needed data, including personal information, billing, and subscription data.


The dashboard is the first screen advisors see after signing in. Here they can view their current progress and the total number of households, accounts, and finalized proposals.

Creating proposals

Proposal Builder enables advisors to generate and customize their proposal content quickly. Advisors can add everything, from asset allocation strategies and risk analysis to financial goal assessment, portfolio tracking, and performance metrics. Invyzia Solutions offers advanced reporting features with customizable graphs and tables.

In the previous version, users had to download a PDF file to see the KPI of each proposal. Our designers changed that. Now users can access this information right away in the Details section. Additionally, tey can export all propositions and get a PDF report.

Adding payment methods

The Payment section brings together all the payment information, including payment methods and transactions. We made it convenient so users could add and manage payments, set a default payment method and see expired cards with only a few clicks.

Managing households

Using a convenient table, advisors can view all households they work with, including their CRM ID, accounts, number of proposals, and people involved in the subscription. It is possible to share, update, and delete subscriptions, as well as add new people.

Report settings

The Report settings page allows users to create a Report template to automate the report generation process. For example, advisors can drag and drop their company logo to maintain brand consistency in reports.

The redesigned platform looks fresh and modern, fully meeting the clients’ request

After our team finished the job, Invyzia Solutions got a revamped platform with improved usability, a more modern look and a logical structure. The vast amount of work we did, from improved navigation and visual design to refreshed UI components and consistency in patterns, led to a platform that works flawlessly, like clockwork.

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