Glow Labs

Design for a white-label web3 loyalty rewards program startup moving to a SaaS platform

Glow Labs works with web3 companies, providing them a no-code solution to embed loyalty rewards into their business. What’s more, they provide analytics on the performance of these loyalty rewards tools.

Although Eleken designers haven’t worked with blockchain products before, analytics tools make the core of our expertise, and we know how to organize even the most complex datasets.

Glow Labs came to us when they had only the iFrame version of the product. They wanted to move to a full scale SaaS platform and they needed design that’s simple, easy, and good to look at. And, as all startups, they wanted it ASAP.

Design process

Although we were short of time, we wanted to go through the full design process and not skip the testing phase.

One designer was working on the project for six months. He was communicating regularly with product manager, founder, and developers.

Usability testing at the cornerstone

We love working with clients who value usability testing, and we were lucky with Glow Labs in this regard. Product manager was in close contact with clients, and their regular feedback was affecting design in real time. The development team even had to add some new features at the very end of the work because it turned out users needed them. 

As a result of usability testing, we had to make the buttons bigger and brighter to make sure that people can easily find what they are looking for.

Designing for consistency

The existing webpage already had dark style, so our designer made dark log-in pages that would fit naturally on the website. The rest of the design for an MVP is in light theme. However, colors for dark mode are set in the UI kit, so it can be added later, when the platform will be ready.

Analytics dashboard

The users of Glow Labs are not professional analysts (normally), so we kept the data visualization quite simple. There are a few graphs and a panel coloured with read and green to easily indicate the overall “community moral score”. The most important numbers are shown at the top of the page, so it’s the first thing a user sees.


Glow Labs allow to use ERC-20 tokens and NFTs as loyalty rewards. To make rewards look attractive, at the editing page we put not only the basic parameters, but also an option of choosing a custom gradient for an NFT card.

Funky UI for web3 product

Glow Labs is an innovative product aimed mostly at young audience. That’s why the UI is more playful than what we typically make for analytics tools. Bright purple illustrations, icons, and even the font is not the most classic: for this project, we used Interstate Cond Mono.

There are a few shades of bright pink as accent colors, different for light and dark modes.

For interaction feedback messages, we used emojis. They help to draw user’s attention so they surely notice the message that they have to read.

UI kit

When working on a new product, creating a UI kit is essential. For Glow Labs, we made a system that is thought out for responsiveness, so the design will work well on mobile and tablet screens.


Glow Labs didn’t want to wait until the development of the whole SaaS platform to launch. They started with an MVP, and then went on adding more features one by one.

That’s why our final deliverables were:

MVP design
Design for SaaS platform
UI kit

Together, we reached the initial goal – design a modern product as fast as possible. It is ready to work even before the SaaS platform is designed.

Glow Labs were our first client from the world of blockchain. It was a good challenge — and we are looking forward to continuing working in this field. Are you looking for designers for your web3 product? Look no more and drop us a line!

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