Product Hunt presentation

Design dazzling promotional images for Product Hunt

Looking to launch on Product Hunt? We can help you design eye-catching images showcasing your product.

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a well-known community of geeks who bond over new, hot, and cool products. Similar to Reddit, users post products and let the community make or break them with comments and upvotes.

The more upvotes you get, the more likely Product Hunt is to put you on the front page. Full of early adopters, investors, and entrepreneurs, Product Hunt is the ultimate platform for launching your startup.

How Eleken can help?

The first thing people see when entering your post on Product Hunt is a gallery. We can help you design video, GIF, and screenshots of your product, a landing page dedicated to your Product Hunt promo, and assets for your social media campaigns.

Create an eye-catching thumbnail

With a fun and engaging thumbnail, your product will stand out. We can always design a stylish logo as your thumbnail but we would recommend a GIF if you want to maximize attention.

Make an entertaining explainer video

Videos always work better than images, no matter if it's a Product Hunt or Facebook. We can help you design a video that demonstrates how your product works and highlights its value.

Prepare screenshots that showcase your product

If the video shows your product in action, screenshots focus on specific features, uses, and benefits. We design screenshots that look great, include clear captions, and simple wording.

Design visuals for a social media campaign

To make the most of Product Hunt, you need to let people know about your launch. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack – we will design visuals for every social platform you will promote on.

Create PH dedicated landing page with Exclusive Offer

You can drive more interest to your product by offering a discount or early access exclusively for Product Hunt members. We'll design a landing page to help you announce your exclusive deal.

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We provide UI/UX design for SaaS web and mobile applications and design everything needed to market your product.

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