Landing Page Design

Converting landing page design services for SaaS

Get the results you need for your business with a customer-centric website landing page design that has it all: authentic visuals, emotion, persuasion, and most importantly – trust. We design converting landing pages that meet the right audience at just the right moment of their customer journey.

Our recent work

We specialize in SaaS product design. View our case studies to learn more about how we work and see our design portfolio.

Types of landing pages to support your marketing campaigns

SaaS landing pages are a tough nut to crack, but we design them really well. Below are the most popular examples of landing pages that we can design for SaaS.

Click through pages

Do you offer your product to different market segments? You can design a click-through page for each of your buyers. This page describes your offer and convinces visitors to click through to the point of purchase.

Lead capture pages

People who won't convert right away can convert later. To make sure they do, you can design lead capture landing pages that gather visitor emails in exchange for a webinar,
an ebook, or any other must-have resource.

Demo and sign up pages

Your prospects at the bottom of the marketing funnel may choose to sign up for a demo or start a free trial. These pages are focused on a single action and they feature nothing more than a headline, a few form fields, and a call-to-action.

Thank you pages

A thank you page is a great way to move your leads further in the buyer's journey once they submit a form or opt-in. You can offer them additional content, direct your visitors to a related offer, or encourage them to spread the word.

Elements of modern landing page design

The most effective landing page design is always based on consumer habits. We study your audience to design a page that speaks to them and follow landing page design trends to ensure your pages look trendy and contain all the elements you need to drive conversions.

Clear headlines

Communicate the problem your software is going to solve for visitors.

CTA buttons

Make it clear exactly what will happen when someone clicks through.

Authentic imagery

Photos or illustrations – we'll choose
the best way to show off your product.

Short forms

Ask for personal information with forms that are pleasant to fill in.

Social proof

Add testimonials to highlight key benefits you want prospects to know about.

Simple copy

Reduce cognitive load and appeal to people's pains, fears, and motivations.

White space

Keep your page distraction-free to capture visitor's attention.

Guided product tours

Explain quickly how your product works using an interactive product tour.

Design killer landing pages without coding

Today there are many ways to create landing pages. You can hire a developer, create a landing page yourself, or hire
an Eleken designer who can create it for you. Web development takes time and is expensive.

A self-made landing page is the cheapest option, but it might not turn out that great.

By hiring a designer at Eleken you get a custom landing page quicker than your developer — and launch it before your lunchtime.

We are skilled in Webflow

Webflow is a customizable design platform that allows you to create great landing pages without having to use code. Unlike other website builders, Webflow is a bit difficult for a beginner but it does stand tall when it comes to design.

You have full control over the look and feel of your website. And with our skills, your landing pages will look like they were designed and coded from scratch, just like this website you're looking at!

Landing page design services

Do you need to design a new landing page? Or are your existing landing pages performing poorly? Whatever the case, at Eleken you get an experienced designer to create a landing page that will engage and convert.

Optimize your existing landing page

We'll look into your data (heatmaps, web analytics, user reviews) to analyze what's not working, find the problem in design, and recreate your landing page in a way that converts visitors into customers.

Design a new landing page

Want to launch a landing page to support your marketing campaign? We know how to design pages that meet people at different stages of their customer journey and convince them to take the next step.

We're a one-stop-shop for all things product design

We provide UI/UX design for SaaS web and mobile applications and design everything needed to market your product.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions that are not listed here, send them to us via email.

How do you design my landing page?

Our process is iterative. We study your audience and collaborate a lot with your team to make sure the landing page brings you the results you're looking for. You can read more about our web design process here.

What if I'm not satisfied with your designs?

It's very rare when a client rejects our designs. We always make 2-3 and even 5 design versions that you can choose from. Our goal is to create a design that appeals to your customers. We are ready to A/B test your landing pages and work on improvements based on the actual user data, and not simply taste preferences.

What's a landing page design price?

Our price depends on the project scope. We offer three pricing models: weekly sprints, monthly subscription, and support hours. You can learn more about our pricing plans here.

How long does it take to build a landing page?

This depends on the type of landing page, graphical elements, copy, stylistics and other factors. Some landing pages can be done in one day, while others require a couple of weeks to complete. If you have something specific in mind, please send us the details so we could provide a more precise estimation.