LMS Design

Design a Learning Management System for the Age of Online Learning

2020 has changed education forever. No wonder, course management platforms that enable users to attend classes and pass certifications online are in high demand today.

A well-thought-out Learning Management System design can make your product stand out.  And that’s exactly what we do at Eleken.


Web and mobile app design for a corporate learning management system

Want an eye‑catching UI design? We can offer even more

With our team in charge of designing your learning management system, you get a simple-to-use, yet advanced platform for interactive studying with room for further scalability and creative solutions.

Easy to
learning management system design

Communicate your LMS product value

With an intuitive LMS UI design that we can create for your solution, you will simplify the learning process and increase the chances of people to choose your product over a competitor.

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Increase user adoption

A thought-out design doesn't only ensure a positive first-time user experience but also communicates all the benefits your product provides and motivates users to come back for more.

Reduce acquisition costs

You won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on introducing the product to newcomers if it’s user-friendly from the start and encourages people to explore it on their own.

Deliver functionality that improves learning outcomes

Based on your requirements, we will design your system to look the way it should – simple to understand and delightful to interact with. Here are some common features of learning management systems we can design for you.

Course builder

Course creators should have convenient tools to add their courses to the platform. We pay
a lot of attention to this feature making it easy and delightful to work with.

Content management

Adding, editing, tagging, classifying, filtering – we design all the needed content management operations to let teachers easily work with their content.

Skill assessment

Tests show how well the students understood the course. We can make it possible for users to add skill assessment tests to their courses using customizable layouts.


Students learn better when their learning activities are planned and scheduled. We can help you design a smart calendar that displays students' assignments with due dates.

Social learning

While studying, students may have questions. We can create
a forum on your platform so your users could share their thoughts with others.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great feature that many people would be willing to pay for. We can design live video streaming tools to let your users run webinars and live learning sessions.

Progress tracking

Tracking progress keeps learners motivated and increases user engagement. We can make it possible for users to break up large learning objectives into smaller steps.

Admin dashboard

On the admin dashboard, learning managers can keep track of their course usage and statistics. We can gather all course KPIs for creators to view in one place.


Communication and feedback are important in any learning process. We can design neat chats and emails to let teachers and students talk to each other via your app.

Provide extra benefits to course creators and online learners

To design the best product in your niche, you need to know what your competitors do well, and what they could do better, and use these insights in your project. Here are a few killer LMS design features we recommend to pay close attention to:


Studying can be fun if turned into
a game. Gamification makes students more involved in the learning process. We can design game mechanics with smart scoring systems and levels.

lms design

Mobile learning

By creating a mobile app for your LMS, you create an opportunity for users to switch from desktop to smartphone or tablet, and continue studying wherever they feel comfortable.


Your system should include cutting-edge analytics tools to let teachers gather data on the progress of their students, find out how effective their courses are, and keep track of everything.

Design for customer success with Eleken

Good LMS design is not only about lovely looks. It’s also about a deep understanding of what your customers are seeking in your product to successfully achieve their goals. When designing your online learning platform, we consider the goals and desires of your target audience and shape your LMS accordingly.

UX research

What problem does your product solve?

User personas

What types of people do you seek to design for?

Jobs to Be Done

What are your customers' needs?

Design your LMS with Eleken