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Design a Human Resource Management Application That HR Departments Truly Need

Right, you need to build a well designed HRM product. The good news is, you can do it
here at Eleken.

Recruitment, employee onboarding, performance evaluation, payroll management – HR departments have a lot to handle. Now here is the question: how do you make their lives easier?


UI/UX design for an applicant
tracking system


UI/UX design for a time tracking web application


UI/UX design for
a time web applicationos

Designing HR systems that look good? We can do more than that.

With your advanced functionality and our spotless design, you can develop a solution that human resource management teams will love to use.

Improve your value proposition

By offering an intuitive HRM web application, your customers will understand how much you care about making their work better and saving their time and effort doing it.

We’ll improve your value proposition

Take user adoption to a new level

When design is great, users can immediately see the value of your product. We have just the right skills to express your value proposition via your app's UI.

Save resources on training

When a system explains itself and allows users to freely explore it, you won't even need to spend time writing user manuals and shooting explainer videos.

So intuitive!
Easy to

A new look at common HRM system design

HRM apps are all different. But no matter what your feature-set is, we are going to design it in a way that brings your customers the most value.

Applicant tracking

Applicant tracking systems should make the recruitment process feel effortless. Candidate sourcing, job ads, data import, candidate search – we'll create intuitive features that automate recruiter's routine tasks.

Recruitment management

Job posting, candidate screening, interviews – there are a lot of steps involved in hiring an employee. We can design this workflow in Kanban style to show candidates at different stages of the recruitment process.

Performance review

Performance reviews are a great way to evaluate employee’s productivity. Instead of building boring textual reports, we make employee performance reviews look fun and engaging.

Learning management

Employees must develop new skills to achieve better work outcomes. We can design customizable learning management tools that allow HR managers to build courses for their teams.

Payroll management

Managing employee salaries, benefits, and deductions are within HR's responsibilities. We can design a payroll system that simplifies payroll administration and improves accuracy.


With detailed HR reports, well-designed and clear, your users will gain insights into their workforce performance. With these insights, they will be able to improve employee productivity.

HR workflows

It can take days for HRs to handle and approve employee’s requests. We can add adaptable request workflows that can be created and customized according to your user needs.

Time & expense tracking

Manual timesheets and expense reports are no longer needed. If you're building software for remote teams, we can design employee hours tracking and expense calculation.


HR managers need to communicate with their teams daily. We can design engaging email, chat, and notification features to help your users stay in touch with their teams.

Create a more tempting offer

Here are a few ideas on how you can make your internal HR system even better.

Recruitment automation

It takes up to five hours to schedule an interview manually! Using automation tools, HR managers won’t have to spend any time on repetitive tasks.

Employee engagement

Pulse surveys, employee awards, achievements, recognition, and gratitude – there are so many ways a good HRM UX design can improve employee engagement.

Real-time feedback

Your system can offer tools that allow HR managers to communicate with their teams in real-time, provide feedback, and increase their team's motivation.

Eleken designs for customer success

Proper design is not just pleasant looks. It’s also about meeting your customers' demands and helping them reach success using your solution. Below are three UX research methods we use to get to know your audience and what goals they want to achieve using your product.

UX research

What problem does your product solve?

User personas

What types of people do you seek to design for?

Jobs to Be Done

What are your customers' needs?

Design your HRM with Eleken