BPM Design Services

Let Teams Visualise Their Everyday Processes and Collaborate Without Constraints

Business planning has become paperless and team collaboration is now performed virtually. BPM apps like Miro and Process Steet are in high demand. Want to design an app like that? Talk to Eleken.

Process Place

UI/UX redesign for a client experience platform

Design a BPM solution that teams need today

With our team designing the user interface of your app, every company will want to have your product in their toolbox.


Provide great experience

If an app is hard to use, people don’t see the value in it. We design intuitive experiences to help users map out and follow their everyday processes seamlessly.

So intuitive!

Make it ideal for distributed work

Distributed teamwork is now a common thing. We'll help you design a perfect app for remote work that will let organizations effortlessly establish their digital workspaces.

Appeal to the biggest audience

A solid BPM web app is a gift for any type of business. So let's not leave anyone behind and design functionality that suits the needs of different teams from various industries.

Even superheros :)

Help your users better understand their business

Users have two main reasons to use a business process management system: streamline their work processes and increase team collaboration. Based on that, your product needs to offer functionality that allows for ideation, control, automation, and collaboration.


It's not enough to design a business process. Employees need to actually follow it. We can equip your app with progress tracking and approval mechanisms for effective team management.


Your app can become a place where team collaboration happens. We can design tools that allow remote teams to plan projects, share artifacts, build maps, draw diagrams – in other words – work together.


New employee onboarding, client setup, invoice generation, content publishing – there are so many routine tasks you can automate. We can create customizable checklists that your users would love to work with.


Creative projects start with collective brainstorming. To let your users share their ideas with others, we can design interactive whiteboards with pre-designed templates and visualization tools.

Focus on what's important for your users

To simplify business process management, here are some highlights that we recommend to implement in your business process management software.

One place to store all work documents

To streamline project planning and improve team collaboration, users should be able to add files to their workspaces. We can design drag-and-drop functionality for adding artifacts from user computers or third-party apps.

Pre-built templates and checklists

Each company has unique processes. But they all can be mapped using
a checklist. Your users won’t have to spend time mapping their processes from scratch if you can offer them easy-to-edit checklists specific to
their industries.

Users have full control over their processes

BPM is a universal solution, but it needs to be truly flexible. We can design a convenient user interface where teams can write, draw, and model their business processes with total freedom of action.

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Design for customer success with Eleken

A good BPM design can become an indispensable tool for teams across different industries. But there is probably one specific market that you want to target first. We'll conduct thorough UX research to understand your audience and design a product that helps them achieve their goals.

UX research

What problem does your product solve?

User personas

What types of people do you seek to design for?

Jobs to Be Done

What are your customers' needs?

Design your BPM with Eleken