Photobooth supply

Redesign of Web and iOS Applications for a Company that Helps People Capture Their Precious Moments

Photo booths for special events are a growing niche. People want to have fun and save their special memories easily and in good quality. American company Photobooth Supply has been providing such an opportunity for over a thousand creative entrepreneurs around the world.

The company produces photo booths, portable devices that take gorgeous photos during people’s special events. But it is also more than just a smart gadget. Photobooth Supply also helps launch a small event business.  In addition to the device they have purchased, users can download supporting iPad software as well as count on support and marketing templates.


Web App design
UI/UX design

The product we designed relies on a classic structure that serves well the main user goals. The color palette, shades of violet and blue, were chosen to complement the client’s existing logo. The combination led to a pleasant color harmony on the website and within the platform.

Hoping to fix some crucial UX problems and refresh the UI the company has turned to Eleken. With our expertise in the field and many successful redesign projects we were the right guys for the job. And from here we have started our work.

Our designers worked closely with the photo booth experts in order to deeply comprehend user needs and nuances of the niche. Weekly meetings with stakeholders also helped to manage expectations on both ends and set common goals.

We also cooperated closely with the customer success team of Photobooth Supply immerced our designers into user experience of the product and users' most common pain points.Transparent communication with CTO was most effective as it helped to bring design decisions and deliver exceptional results.

These are just a few examples of how Eleken redesigned Photobooth Supply UX for users sake. What about the user interface?

It all resulted into a pleasant and friendly UI that is responsive on all screens.

Our designers suggested several other changes that helped to achieve better UX logic. For instance, we have changed the user flow of sign-in, cancellation and event setting in order to make it more intuitive and unified for iPad and web applications.

Check out before and after designs:

For example, on the left you can see cluttered boxes and a long side bar where settings of all events and for one particular event were mixed together. Implementing extended sections (on the right) helps to keep the steps structured and better organized compared to previous design.

To compare, the new monochrome palette brings users attention to important functions, while the old UI version seems more distracting.

The main highlight of the platform UI redesign was minimalistic approach and monochrome color palette. The previous purple theme was abandoned as it has distracted users from main functions. The new more minimalistic interface design brings users’ attention to app’s functionality.

In the previous design (on the left) to delete or rename the event users had to exit from the event section to All Events connection. The new design (on the right) with a clear and tidy event dashboard lets users manage events more intuitively.

We have designed the menu bar on the top of the screen. It improves the users navigation through the product by highlighting the main functions.

To achieve great readability our designers chose Avenir Next Font for the text and well-matching Sofia Pro Font for titles to create perfect visual hierarchy

It was a smooth and effective cooperation of Eleken and Photobooth Supply teams that made such great results possible.

The UI kit was designed from scratch. Our designers created the new button design and picked feather icons that harmonize well with our UI kit. The color palette was also hand picked. It is monochrome for the main functionality and bright colors for technical details and notifications.

One of the tasks in our cooperation with the Photobooth Supply was redesign of the marketing website page. The page has an offer bundle, where prospects see the product and consider photo booth purchase. The main goal of the redesign was to make sure that potential customers won’t miss the benefits they get along with the main product.

Application UX design

UI decisions

Cooperation and results

When the user picks a product, the box with information about the package opens up. The specification changes according to the package picked. Such a decision allows keeping the page neat and at the same time informative.

The preparation for the event was also improved on this page. Users can now save desired settings for the event beforehand and make test photos.

Previous design of Photobooth Supply apps was visually appealing but had some crucial user experience bugs. The redesign aimed to solve such problems as messy functionality, confusing user flow, and overwhelming UX. To ensure an effective app redesign, we had to comprehend the logic of the product and structure the functionality in order to build a more attractive and logical user experience.

Product’s bundle page design

In the old design lots of information about the offers was hidden. We restructured the page completely to highlight what is included in the package. Here’s how we implemented it:

Our designers understand how important such design details are for product’s success as they help to manage users expectations and keep potential customers informed and satisfied.

One of the very important changes was the preview option on the Event Settings page. Before users had to pick filters almost blindly. In the new design preview option was implemented, so that users can pick filters and see the result right away.

A well-thought-out design can make a big difference in this regard. We started with an idea of a tool for invoice creation and ended up with an app that can handle almost all the essential financial management that a freelancer needs.

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